May 8, 2010

If I'd Known I Was Going To Live This Long...

I would have taken better care of myself!

So this is what 53 feels like, eh? Not as bad as I thought it would feel like several years ago, and not as good as I thought it would in other ways. At least I don't make quite as many noises as my coffee pot.

But I am pretty healthy and happy, and what more could a person ask for? I thought I would share my cards and gift with you all.

First up, my card from the two pooches:

Perfect, just perfect!

Next up from Skyler:

He picked this out because he likes coming outside and parking on the deck to "help" me mow.

Last but not least, because my wife knows me so well:

She knows my love of all things Onion! And that is why she also got me this ass-kicking shirt:

Thanks to all of you out there who have already sent your birthday wishes, you all rock!


  1. Happy birthday once again sir.

  2. Well Happy Birthday!

  3. Thanks Doctor.

    Kat: Thanks so much, and thanks for staying in touch!

  4. I'm late to the party (as usual) but "Happy Birthday to you, sir!" : )

    My aunt is turning 96 on the 15th and we're giving her this card:

    "The practice of celebrating birthdays dates far back into Man's earliest days on earth..."

    "Remember?" ; )

  5. Happy Birthday! Forget your age and live your life!

  6. Anonymous3:58 AM

    I hope you had a great day. Love, love, love the Onion. My favorite piece of "art" in my office (at home) is from them and it's a newspaper with the headline "Holy walks on f*cking moon". Priceless!

  7. Happy belated Birthday Chris!

    You will always be younger than me.

  8. I 150% dig the shirt, good job Kathy! Happy belated Birthday to you!

  9. JJ: I love that card!

    Mnmom: I hear that.

    Suze: That is one of my favorite Onon pieces also.

    Sans: Thanks for that.

    Genn6: Thanks a lot.

  10. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Happy Birthday!

  11. Gah! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry I'm late wishing you a happy birthday! Blame Scope. It's all his fault. He was here and he distracted me.

  12. I, roo, apologize for my tardiness. Happy, happy birthday! From both me and EG.

  13. Thank you very much Kirby, Cora, Red and EG!

  14. Happy Birthday! There are so many May babies.

  15. Thanks a lot Churlita!

  16. Anonymous5:02 PM

    I go away for ONE WEEKEND and people have birthdays without me? Pfft! I hope it was a happy fantastical one! :) Happy birthday!

  17. Sorry I'm late. Is there still punch & pie? I was told there would be punch & pie.

  18. I'm sooo sorry I'm very late to wish you a happy birthday, so I hope the good times are still rolling. I'm also sorry this comment is so lame. Much love to you on this very special week after your birthday.

  19. happy belated
    sorry was not here before
    send out the firing squad

  20. happy birthday a week late. i will be joining you at that number in a few months - so how does it really feel