May 4, 2010

Bad Tat Tuesday; Go Big or Go Home!

Some tats don't seem to really want to express much besides "Look how much real estate I can use up"! This edition is dedicated to bigger is better, or more in your face. Let's looky at what we found for this week, and as always, no wagering...

Is that supposed to be the muscles and whatnot under the skin? Because there aresome other parts kind of thrown in there.

It's not bad work, just kind of creepy hanging on your back like that.

Now this is brilliant work, just scary as all hell, perhaps a bit too realistic?

Speaking of creepy, the eyeballs floating around kind of freak me out.

Why oh why I ask?

I am betting that is a prison jumpsuit, but that's just me profiling.

Now here is a dude who has really pulled his whole look together.

This is excellent color and artwork, not too bad at all. Just a little big for my taste.

Whoa. Just way too much.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you wear it home.

Another case of way too much!

Special guest tat by my friend Cindy! She knows I like sci-fi, oh... and boobs...

Speaking of boobs, what better geek tat could there be than good and evil Spock?


  1. I bet that Muppets one took FOREVER.

    Is that one chick supposed to be Angelina Jolie in 5 years?

  2. I actually like the Muppets one!

    The others........ not so much

  3. Scary...very, very, scary.

  4. Ok so now we know where the saying, "I've got a monkey on my back" came from, but I just don't get the girl in the red dress's face tatting...WTF???

  5. Those boob ones look nice now...But I don't think I want to see them when they're in their 60's and 70's. Spock's jaw will definitely drop.

  6. I just don't get it, why? Why?

  7. what happens if you beam up that spock

  8. Oh my!!! Profile away, my friend.

    Ellen just announced her new game, it's called bad paid for tats. You know she totally lifted the idea from you. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

  9. The Muppets! I likey!

    I know someone who got a 1/2 eaten pomegranite tattoo on their shoulder. It looks like a 1/2 eaten heart, but I don't have the heart (haha!) to tell her.

  10. I tuned in just in time for monkey and star trek tattoos!

  11. It looks like prison jumpsuit dude's tattoo artist used his head and face as a doodle pad.

  12. That Muppets one is awesome! The rest just make me shudder.

  13. How do I get boobs like that?
    And where do you find all these photos?

  14. Do you think doodle pad head would be like an etch and sketch...

    shake hard to clear mind?