May 27, 2010

When you speak of me, try and work in the phrase "award winner"

Do you think I'm lying?

J.J. over at The World According To J.J has handed out an award to me! Whoot whoot!!

Look at that sweet piece of bling, will ya? As you may be able to pick out, it has been passed around a bit... Here are the legal bits that come with it, read them out loud really quick like at the end of a commercial for the full effect:

•Express gratitude to the blogger who bestowed the award unto you.
•Display the picture on your blog proudly.
•Be nice and provide a link to the person who gave it to you.
•Tell up to 6 outrageous lies about yourself, and at least 1 outrageous truth, or switch it around and tell 6 outrageous truths and 1 outrageous lie.
•Nominate 7 creative writers who might be into doing this.
•Post links to the seven blogs you nominate and let the owners of those blogs know.
Phew, nice reading. I couldn't understand a word of it!

So here we go, 7 things about me that you get to decide which one is a lie.

1. I almost died the night of my 21st birthday because of alcohol poisoning.
2. I once held the state record in the mile.
3. My friends and I invented a game where we all climb up a tree, then everybody but one jumps off as the tree swings back up to see if the remaining person can hang on.
4. I have broken my shin in the same spot twice. It still bothers me to this day.
5. I cut off a toe mowing the lawn when I was a little kid.
6. My family history goes back to the first gold strike in Colorado.
7. I used to be on a downhill racing team growing up in Idaho Springs.

Now I am going to ignore one of the legal points above and just tell everyone to play along if they wish, so have fun!


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I'm gonna claim number 5 is a total lie. You cut it off as an adult. LOL I have no idea but these are good.

  2. I'm going to guess #7 is a lie. I have no idea why. It just feels right.

  3. Anonymous1:31 PM

    If #5 us true, now I know two nine-toed people. Awesome.

  4. Haha! The guy who gave me the award said that several people he knows put an missing/extra toe in their 7 too! I guess there are a LOT of 9 and 10-toed people out there. lol!

    But I'm gonna say #1 is a lie.

  5. As your sister, I know which is the lie. I won't give it away but you can run and ski very fast

  6. They all sound plausible to me . . .

    I'm going with the tree game, because I think I saw it marketed by Hasbro so I'm presuming you're living on royalties.

  7. For those of you who are wagering in Vegas, I still have all of my toes. All the others are, unfortunately, true.

  8. I think your comment above is a lie.

  9. Now I don't know what to believe...

  10. A-ha! I was gonna say #5 too! *patting self on back*

    You and Scope have upped the game here, when I do my version of this meme next week I'm going to have to think of some REALLLLLLLY good lies.


  11. I was gonna say 7, but now I see that I would be wrong.