Jan 21, 2010

2000-2009 in Review - Animals


  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Having suffered through the trauma of a vicious gull beat down, I agree with that assessment.

  2. What, LOLcats didn't make the list??

    This also reminds me of a bad joke:

    Q: What's blue, dangerous, and lives in a tree?

    A: A bluebird with a machine gun.

  3. Vampire cows! No wonder that cattle farm up north smells so bad. They're farting blood!

  4. Sea gulls are total jerks. Always trying to steal your food, and calling all of their buddies over to gang up on you.

    The sand dragon is amazing.

  5. Heck I am still dodging those pesky ducks that want my sandwich. Oh, don't forget the cats sucking all my air out while I am sleeping. I know the dogs are plotting who wins....the one who trips me and breaks my neck. Those animals are all around and knowing one day they will rule. We saw what the Apes would do one day!