Jan 1, 2010


Do you make resolutions for the New Year? Does it make you feel a sense of accomplishment if you can look over the previous year and say "Look, I did it"?

I don't ever do New Years resolutions. Not that I don't have a whole trunkload of bad habits and things I could do to improve myself. But I just don't see the start of the new year as a time for trying to fix myself. If I figure out something that I want to change, I just start whenever I come up with the idea.

The hard part is actually fixing myself though... Sometime I think I am eternally twisted and broken in so many ways that it is a lost cause. But I will still try, if for no other reason than to try and stop the backwards slide down the hill.

What I do want to start the new year off with is a list of things I want. Somethings I can make sort of like a resolution, because they are things that will take some work on my part. Other things are going to be up to other people, you know them. Those others that tend to suck the life force out of the rest of us. No, not you or you over there, you are OK. But that shady looking character towards the back that just ducked down a bit? Yeah. I'm looking at you!

So for 2010, here are the things I want, in no particular order.

I hear they are making a new version of the A Team into a movie. I want this to be a lot of fun like the original series was. Or I want it to at least not suck.

I want to eat more fruit (see, that's kind of resolutiony) and I want to enjoy it more. Maybe not as much as this fellow, but more than I do now.

I want whatever went through our house over Christmas, and through my intestinal track like somebody was pulling a gym rope through there to leave. It is still hanging on, not so bad, but I am starting to wonder...

I would like a bit more meaning out of life besides work for a paycheck and benefits, and make sure Skylers needs are met. I want to be a little selfish and have a bit more fun for myself.

Alternately, I want to retire from my current position and go into my dream job of yoga instructor.

I want a flame gun! Seriously, when did we decide these were not an acceptable tool, and really not dangerous at all?!?

I want to drink a little less coffee, unless it's way awesome coffee, like is probably served here.

I want my back to hurt less, if not stop hurting completely. This probably means surgery, but I have put that off for years. Will this be the year? Who knows.

I want all the people who get those Asian characters as tats to find out what they really mean. And I want to be there with my camera when they do!

And I want any two people who really love each other to be able to get married.

So what do you want for the new year? Lemme know!


  1. I want the $2 bill and the $1 coin and the 50 cent piece to be more popular. And I have plans...

  2. Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! These are all wonderful, well thought resolutions. May they all come to fruition for you... especially that new Yoga instructor's gig.

    Yeah. Especially that.

    You rock.

  3. They're not resolutions, they're GOALS!

  4. I want "lazy couch sloth" to become a legitimate career choice, and I want cheese to become the diet food of the century.
    That would be AWESOME.

  5. I want to be a professional @$$ sitter.

    Oh wait...

  6. I want fat & old to be sexy, and I want vegetables to taste like nachos.

  7. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Omigod - see the third option in that flame gun ad? My old man had something almost exactly like that, except it was used for burning off weeds between paving blocks not for snow. Hmm. Well, that's what he used it for.

  8. These are all great. I kept going back to look at the cute critter with the pear.
    I hope your back gets some relief this year.
    My resolution for this year is to get my grown up kids to take their stuff to their own places so they may enjoy the blessings of clutter.

  9. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I'm tired of making resolutions. Let the world bend to my will for a change.

  10. Peace. Peace for me, peace for you, peace for everyone. That's it. Oh, and a flame gun.

  11. Is this twenty-ten ot two thousand ten? The debate rages on. My resolution wishful thought hopeless gesture whatever is to do clutter my surroundings. Same Thing as last year. I really need to do this. Also to spend more time with my brother.

  12. I want that Dr. House Vicodin poster! And the flamethrower too. Oh man, I could get a lot done this year with a flamethrower.

  13. I want to be able to still live in Iowa without the ridiculous fluctuations in temperatures.

  14. Love the marriage one and of course the Vicodin ad...

    I want to survive my first winter in Boston...

    Happy New Year to you, too!

  15. Yes, you do need to have more fun for yourself.

  16. Yep, Scope has plans for the misfit money - I saw 'em in person. MWAAHAHAHAHA!

    As for me? I want to ditch the 10 pounds of Halloween candy I'm presently hauling around on my thighs. I want to have my house all packed and ready to go when it's time to move in July - no last second throw-it-all-in-trash-bags-in-a-blinding-panic sessions. And I want my sister to not go into labor during my wedding ceremony. Amen.