Jan 17, 2010

Another look at advertisements gone by

I never did post a second collection of old time ads after I did this one, so let me dust off this folder and get this party started! Some of these are real old, and others not so much, but will seem old!

I can't forget an advertisement from the lard council, just because I love it so much.

Does anybody recall ever hearing of somebody falling out of a car? I mean seriously, was this a big problem?

Forget the leg lamp, now we have a serious conversation piece! "That's right Bob, he was eatin at mah bird feeder and I unloaded on him with ol Bessy here. Gave him both barrels! I'm just surprised there was enough of him left to make a lamp out of.

Back before the steroid era, there was only one thing that helped athletes reach peak performance. Toasted cigarettes!

You think Volkswagen lost any sales from pissed off women for the obvious discrimination?

Back before boom boxes.

But this is really cool! Who needs an mp3 player?

The ads that look the most dated for not being that old are computer ads. It is really amazing how far technology has come in a not so long time.

Here are 3 from when computers came in two flavors, IBM of Apple. When I worked at NBI, we had one of those IBM computers that is the last photo. The price was 11,000 and change!!


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Genial post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

  2. Regarding the second ad - yes! it happened ALL THE TIME!!!

    My parents made us wear seat belts - partly to keep us from jumping all over the place in the back seat and driving them crazy but also to keep us from falling out if the door opened on a turn. Absolute truth. We also had to lock the door.

    My best friend was thrown out of their car - only got scrapes and bruises but others got killed.

    I don't think latches were very reliable then.

  3. "back before boom boxes", and before upskirting was a felony.

  4. LOL'ing at Diane's comment! *snort*

    I've seen someone fall out of the backseat, so it was possible.

    That VW ad (today) would be a lawsuit waiting to happen. lol!

    In college, we worked on TRS 80's. This was only 25 years ago. Technology has come a LONG way.

  5. My Mom dropped me out of a moving car (true) when I was a baby. I don't think that the car door ahd anything to do with it, but it does help explain why I am the way I am.


  6. My aunt had a Rambler and took care of my brothers and I a lot when we were little. It had a passenger side door that flew open when you made a left turn. I remember that happening and her grabbing my youngest brother to keep him from flying out of the car.

  7. I caught my sister from falling out of the car when the door flew open. Amazing we all survived the early days :D This was probably in the 70's, and yet how long did it take for seatbelts to become mandatory??

  8. It goes without saying that I MUST HAVE THAT SQUIRREL LAMP. I would put it in the front window, right next to my Major Award, so the whole street could see its glory.

  9. I remember my dad driving around a corner once and the passenger door flew open. That was before we learned to wear seatbelts, too, so it may be really lucky I didn't fly out of the car. So maybe that door lock ad isn't so far off after all...

  10. Is there still a lard council?

    Remember when doctors used to encourage women to smoke in order to lose weight? Crazy.

  11. Don't get me wrong, these are all funny as hell, but I've gotta say, the lard one is THE BEST!


  12. hey these keep me employed

  13. Anonymous8:17 PM

    it's so funny to see what used to be acceptable in advertising that isn't now and what is now that never used to be ... like the stupid toilet paper ads with the bears and the tp stuck to their asses .... i hate those commercials

  14. prissynotgirly - I hate those bears too! At least I can gripe about them aloud, as my young kids also think they're stupid, but that horrible, overly cute (probably cute spelled with a 'k' to make it even more obnoxious) teddy bear with the fabric softener. ew. I hate it! But i have a 6yo girl who likes cutesy animal stuff... sigh...

  15. What kind of college assignment is Anonymous doing anyway?....


  16. Dude, I am so ordering me a kit to make squirrel bookends. I hate those little f*ckers!!! (with good reason, I swear.)

  17. The computer commercials were a hoot. I remember those babies! My favorite old time "personal computer" was the "luggable". It had two floppy drives!!! The screen was about five inches diagonal, and only had green text. It was a bear to haul, but I hauled it proudly. In those days a girl hauling a computer was prey in an airport, too. Ugh.

    Oy. We are old, pal.