Jan 30, 2010

Get Ready To Burn Up The Plastic!

Update: Sorry for this since I swore I would never turn on word verification. But now that the robots found me, I seem to get a couple of anon spams each posting. So I had to turn it on...

That's right, get those credit cards out (well the few that still have any available funds) and lets get ready to do some online shopping!! I found these at a website that collects silly items and just had to share. Lets all see what you have been missing in your sad lives, and rectify the situation post haste!

Nice. As if wearing a pith helmet didn't make you look a tad geeky anyway, lets add some hardware.

How much time are you spending talking on your phone if you need wrist support?

OK, this is actually a big WANT for me. I could entertain the folks at my lavish parties with stories about how I brought the beasty down with my elephant gun just yards away from my feet.

Say what? I don't get the idea here. Keep your arm warm? Keep it in a permanently bent position?

Just turn the damn light on already!

Only 119 bucks, a steal.

Tired of your Snuggie? Spill too many chips and dip on your Slanket? You and your partner need to wear this together!

Fire good! Especially in my cubicle!!

But he just stands there. If he hovered around in a mini UFO, then we might have something.

Daddy, why does that man have Rudolph impaled on his trailer hitch?

I find that death metal makes my poop come out faster.

It's double sided so after you rip all the back hair off the first pass, you can just flip it over for a light scrub.

Boy doesn't that look comfortable! I haven't seen a more relaxed position since, well, my last "exam" back there...

A big hit with folks who recently awoke from a coma and can't raise their hands yet.

Another big WANT for me, just to piss off the neighborhood association.

I get so fatigued holding my wine at parties. I need to go home in a bit and sit in my Levo Book Holder Chair.

Nowadays this guy gets wrestled to the ground in 30 seconds after putting that baby on!

Accessorize your rotator cuff surgery.

Oh come on now. We all know that Fernando is a PIG, not a yappy dog!!


  1. Chad Newmaster9:10 AM

    Oh man, you should buy one of those yeti sculptures and set it up like it is stalking the gnomes at Chucks house. LOL

  2. Does the T-rex sculpt come in a life size version?
    The slumber sleeve is to keep your heavy lunk head from cutting off the circulation in your arm.
    Another word for personal fireplace: candle.
    There is a youtube Yeti video with, like, a bazillion funny comments after it. Some of the commentators might even be in your neighborhood association.
    The cocoon thing: What self respecting man wants to make himself look like a baby?
    I'm confused, I thought Fernando was a Bull.

  3. yep. i'm runnin' for those credit cards right now. . .

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  6. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Siamese Slanket is a good name for a band.

  7. I think Anonymous is stalking you. Oh wait...is this my second comment?
    Never mind.

  8. You made me snort coffee out my nose! No small wonder Americans are seen as lazy and crass.
    Once you get BF in your yard, we expect pictures!!

  9. Really? A wine glass holder necklace? I don't think that was thought through all the way.

  10. Ummm, I kinda like that personal fireplace...

    just sayin'.

  11. I wish I was one of those people who had so much money, they didn't know what to do with it but buy a sleep sleeve.