Jan 4, 2010

Evan's Dad

Although my name is Chris, most people in the electronic world, and quite a few that I know face to face, refer to me as Skyler's Dad. It is a role I chose for myself, and one that I am proud of. My life changed dramatically from the moment that he was born, sometimes for worse, but mostly for better.

There have been friends that have left because I couldn't go out with them anymore, or because they couldn't deal with my new situation. But there have been many new friends that have come into my life because of Skyler. We now count doctors and therapists amoung our close friends.

I have mentioned an online support group I belong to in other posts, it is called Our-Kids. There are hundreds of us from all over the world who belong, and share our lives with each other. I have known several of these folks since Skyler was born, over 18 years ago. We celebrate each others victories, no matter how small, and cry with each others losses, when a child leaves us.

A short while ago a relatively new member lost his child Evan. Although Scott was only with us a short while on Our-Kids, his writing struck a chord with all of us. He has a gift that I hope he can somehow continue to share with the world, and I hope he stays with Our-Kids as a lot of other people have who alo have lost a child.

Here is a video that was done about Scott that shows a bit about the man. I don't know who did it, but here is the snippet that came with the youtube post:

I met Scott Newport, his wife Penni, and their sons Noah and Evan in 2006. I was providing support for a radio station doing a Children's Miracle Network radiothon in Detroit and they had stopped by the broadcast to talk about Evan.

The Newports are an amazing family and like all families who deal with uncommon problems in life, they each have a way to cope with it. Thats when I found out what Scott does.

Scott is a carpenter. He works with wood. He decided to take what he does to help not only himself deal with life, but to also help other families who find themselves with children who are facing life-shortening illnesses.

After just a few minutes with them, I recognized that this was something people needed to see and I made a trip to Detroit in May of 2008 to film this story.


  1. My God that was beautiful. It made me think of this old favorite poem:

    A Bag of Tools
    by R. Lee Sharpe

    Isn't it strange how princes and kings,
    and clowns that caper in sawdust rings,
    and common people, like you and me,
    are builders for eternity?

    Each is given a list of rules;
    a shapeless mass; a bag of tools.
    And each must fashion, ere life is flown,
    A stumbling block, or a Stepping-Stone.

  2. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Absolutely beautiful.

  3. That's so cool. What an amazing man.

  4. Thanks for sharing the video. I'm in tears now, for the loss of their beautiful boy.

  5. Couldn't make it all the way through that one but great tribute. ;( ..

  6. That touched me in a way I can't even describe.

    I am speechless.

  7. That was amazing.
    My heart breaks for Evan's family. There is no doubt he was an incredible person and a loving child.
    As a mother of a downs child, who has passed away, and wasn't ever good enough for the rest of the world - including 1 set of grandparents- this brought not only tears to my eyes but joy to my heart. I know that others could see the value and treasure of who she was and who she would become outside of the walls of our home.
    God Bless Evan and may he hold his family tight during this trying time.

  8. ok, now that was not fair...i already have a horrid cold and have been doing the sniffly thing for days. Now you have me out right crying and you can't do that well with a stopped up nose.

    Gosh you know some really strong people...just like you.

  9. Can't even properly comment, I'm too busy crying.

  10. That is a wonderful video about a wonderful man :)