Jan 5, 2010

The Return of Bad Tat Tuesday

I guess it is about time to dig through the tat files and find some more things to entertain, er, frighten you with. The holidays are over, most folks are back to work but still in holiday mode, so as a public service I am here to shock you back into reality.

What can I say? I'm a giver!

Anywhowhatsas, away we go. No themes, just random horrible ink... Lets start off with Christmas, since we are still feeling all joyous and crap!

See's you when you are sleeping, he does!

I don't think the tots need anything from this freak.

I can't read the words, but it doesn't matter. I am sure it still sucks, as does his attitude.

If you can't commit to being a cutter, just commit to the tat.

Special tat sent to me by my friend Cindy, it always means a lot to me when people care enough to save hideous thing for me!

What the holy hell???

Specializing in scary children for over 15 years!

Zombie hunting Elvis?

Pretty freaky even without the cartoon style 3 fingered hands.

Hey, I'm as big a fan as anybody of the JD, but still...

Cormac sent me this lovely Rachael Ray fan tat. Thanks buddy! Look at it from across the room and her beady dark eyes follow you.

Freddy isn't scary enough as is, now he has to be a Nazi.

Am I even seeing this correctly, wings and 3 legs???

This is classy, looks like flies gathering around some type of sore of scab on your foot.

Brace myself? With tie-downs, straps, what??

My Brother in law Chuck sent this to me, with the explanation "This man had what he thought was the best tattoo in the world.... Until he went to prison." Love it!

Last but not least, yet another reader submission (I am so proud of corrupting you all). This is from JJ in LA, and I think it wins this edition hands down. If for no other reason than she pulled the whole look together with the cute gloves...


  1. Those were, as always, amazingly bad!

    I think the Elvis one is supposed to be in a Lee Harvey Oswald pose. Which makes it that much more scary.

  2. Um... in that final photo - is she resting her head on a 5lb block of heroin?

    Elvis has risen...as Roy Orbison.

    This might be the best bad tat Tuesday ever.

  3. My word that was quite the collection! You outdid yourself this time.

  4. I'm guessing that the dude with the creepy tats of his children probably owes a great deal of money in back child support.

    Also just wanted to quickly say "My EYES!" because of the nightmare that is butt boobs

  5. Yay! Bad Tat Tuesday is back!
    And you saved the best for last. ; ) I wanted to send you a pic of her legs too but the cute knee-high socks were in the way.

  6. Why would anyone want a pile of shit tattooed on their back?

  7. It's a glorious day because BTT is back! You certainly do not disappoint.

    I shall pray for the shitback lady.... Pray it's just magic marker.

  8. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Wow. I didn't even notice the gloves. What could be under there that she'd be too embarrassed to show? It boggles the mind.

  9. I'd like to go back 5 minutes in time so I wouldn't have to see those again.

  10. oh my the wound tats were too too much. oh the pain.

    i agree...back poo?

    did a great job this week.

  11. The guy with titty cheeks....

    totally cracked me up.

  12. Um, wow. I have some friends who are amazing tattoo artists and i've never been tempted to get one...These here are some reasons why.

  13. Just when I think I've seen it all. I had the same thought about Mr Boobie Butt Dude - if he goes to jail, he'll be everyone's best friend. Didn't think that one all the way through, I'm sure.

  14. "Brace Yourself..."

    ...for herpes.

  15. Oh, suddenly I am really tired.

    When a young client shares her latest tattoo with me, "my mom doesn't know about this one!" my heart just drops.

  16. oh, but I do have to say, the nipples on the arse? C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E.

  17. Wow. These may be the worst yet! Just when I think it CAN'T get worse...

    The woman on the dude's back and buttocks is maybe the most hideous. I am agape.

  18. You even made Old Dog laugh!

  19. No commitment issues for any of these people... good for them!

  20. Pure...