Jan 12, 2010

Dog Senses Arcata Earthquake

Check out this video from a news station, the dog bolts away seconds before the shaking starts and people start to freak. Who says animals don't have keen senses?

Dog Senses Arcata Earthquake at News Station - Watch more Funny Videos


  1. Amazing, huh? I wonder if it frustrates them that they can't verbally tell all us blundering humans all the things they know?

  2. I've read that dogs and other animals sense earthquakes and other natural disasters before they arrive-- probably has to do with the fact that their hearing is way, way better than ours.

    Of course, this is in contrast to a lot of people, who have not much sense at all. But hey, let's leave my old boss out of this...

  3. Then again, the humans bolted for the stairs while the dog went where????

  4. Animals can sense these things. If the cattle are gathered around together under a tree it's gonna rain. No wait, if they're all lying down together it's gonna rain. Hell I can't remember which it is, but it's one of those two and dammit, it works. ;-)

  5. That 1st vid looked more like a tornado. ; ) The dog looked like it knew where it was going, the 1st man looked scared sh!tless. lol!

    Heard about the 7.0 in Haiti yesterday. Having been in a 6.7 (Northridge, 35 miles away) all I gotta say is, "Ouch!"

  6. I lived in CAlifornia for about 3 years and never felt an earthquake. Maybe I should have got a dog.

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  8. I am the owner of Sophie the dog. My fiance and I have put together a blog here on Blogger. The blog consists of the story from the day of the earthquake and stories about Sophie. We have also put together earthquake information and more. Earthquakedog.blogspot.com