Jan 29, 2010

Hitting To All Fields

Hi Everyone, just wanted to thank everyone for the nice comments I received on and off blogger. I truly appreciate it. Life is getting a bit, no, a lot frantic lately. We have fewer people to do so much work, and to top it off this wonderful electronic archive and publishing tool we use to put our technical documents on the web site has been throwing up constantly. So we do the work, do the work again, then follow up and do the same thing a third time. Infuriating!

We had an interesting morning, Kathy captured it in her Facebook status:
The morning is off to an interesting start..Skyler was awake and laughing at 4:30am until he got up at 6:30am. Then Montana came in from outside with a very sore leg, she couldn't walk, was whining and yelping in pain, even peed on the carpet. But then after a lot of comforting and some cheese with Rimadyl she is all better and ready for breakfast! I'm ready to go back to bed and start over! The day has to get better!

So now that excitement is over, on with the morning...

We got a new sliding glass door for the back off the house that goes out to the deck and back yard. Our old original was falling apart, and I had built my own dog door that we have had for years. Needless to say, it wasn't very efficient in keeping the cold out of the house. We got this one from the same company that we got some windows from a year ago, and they are great to work with. The bonus of this door? Dog door built in! Built in win for us!!

Sweet, eh?

Further updates as events warrant around here, everyone have a great weekend!


  1. Is the doggie door a double door, with one that locks when you want to keep your pet indoors?

  2. Yes Diane, the door has two flaps, with magnetic connectors that hold it in the wind pretty well.

    The door itself slides with the dog door built inside it, so you get the full opening width. There are also really nice pins you activate with your foot to lock it securely.

  3. That's great that they threw the dog door in!

    Okay, nurse's orders-- you are to have an excellent weekend.

  4. I hope things calm down for you and you get to rest this weekend. Oy.

  5. That does sound like more excitement than anyone should have to deal with, ESPECIALLY before 7 a.m. on a Friday. Hope you're able to get some down time in this weekend.

  6. It may have been 4:30 am, but at least he was laughing. : ) Why does life smack you with both hands when you least expect it?

    The doggie door is cute! I've never seen anything like it.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. O.k., I was all serious and respectful reading your explanation, until you said "activate with your foot", and then I just started laughing. sorry.

  8. CHris, you got the doggie style...

  9. Ever have a critter other than your dogs come through the doggie door though? Somehow I just have Over The Hedge visions going on here. ;-)

  10. And you know how I love the word verifications! I find they're often freaking hilarious.

    My word right now is inter. PERFECT for a doggie door post! *snicker*