Nov 8, 2007

Bill Moyers: Media Blackout of Anti-War Protests

Will we ever learn anything from history?

Somehow, I doubt it...


  1. Who knew there was so much breakdance fighting in World War I?

  2. whatcha' gotta say 'bout them date rape drugs in children's toys??

  3. Thank you for posting that. You, like me, are old enough to remember the Vietnam War and what it was like in this country. One key difference-- the idiots who got us into this mess are at least smart enough to know that if they avoid a draft to meet manpower requirements, most of the country will do nothing. That means filling out their needs any way they can-- forcibly keeping soldiers in past their sign-up times; mobilizing National Guard units, even when it means that they're not available to do what they're supposed to, like, say, emergency relief after a hurricane; lowering requirements, allowing people of less education, mental illness or even criminal records in; hiring "private contractors" aka mercenaries; or just fighting a war undermanned, as they're doing.

    One of my closest friends, one of my college roommates, stayed in the reserves and was sent for a year, 2005-2006. He was 42. He survived, but was devastated by the death of one of his seargents, a young hispanic guy who was a 29 year old state trooper from Pennsylvania, killed by a roadside bomb.

    I'm alternately reading Bob Woodward's Plan of Attack and Thomas Rick's Fiasco. Their indictments of these assholes in the White House is devastating. I truly hope the chickens come home to roost after they're out of power.