Dec 2, 2008

Cleaning the cobwebs off of the blog fodder folder

Things have been piling up around mission control here at Sky-Dad command, so it is time to pull myself away from the day to day grind.

Since I used to do the bad tat series, there were a few left-overs:

Whats up with the hot dog theme?

Just, eeewwww...

How about some bacon related stuff?

If anyone is still looking for that perfect Christmas gift for me, I think a bacon lampshade would be sweet!

More bacon?

So, I gotta run now, the light is fading and I still need to get this last difficult shot in before we wrap...


  1. That fishing tattoo is great.

  2. photo for a porn vid.. ew. He smelled ass for weeks after that shot. Man ass to be exact.
    Nice setup with the central though!!

  3. You know, every single one of those pictures had me laughing out loud. Except one. Chocolate covered bacon?!?! No, I'm sorry, but that's just perverted.

  4. Would you call that a "toupe-con"?

    Yeah, it's a stretch.

  5. Hey, chocolate and bacon go better together than you would think. There's even a chocolate bar out there made with bacon.

    You do need to drink something with it to cut the fat, though.

  6. Yeah, I was wondering why I was here, for sure.

  7. Careful leaving that lamp on too long! LMAO!

  8. On the last one, I bet the camera man's hair tickled!

    Great stuff, as always.


  9. Bacon Hitler makes me laugh. And there's never any shortage of bad tattoos on the net, eh?

    All so entertaining! Four gold stars.

  10. There can never be too much bacon.

  11. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Ugh, my eyes,....MY EYES!!

  12. Of course the porn camera man is thinking: "I went to USC with George Lucas. He's got enough fucking money to buy Paraguay, and I have my nose in this guys ass."

  13. I will NEVER eat bacon again

    without wondering where it came from first.

    Those tattoos are quite... disturbing

  14. *sigh*

    I wonder what lucky lady snagged the guy with the lady hot dog tattoo.

  15. What the hell is that last picture?