Dec 4, 2008

This Christmas, think before you purchase guys

Proving that her sense of humor is just as sharp as her political saber, Vikki from Bells On sent this to me this morning.

There was not an embed function in it, so after searching YouTube I found this version, which is not as good in quality:


  1. Luckily, SV speaks my language: DSW!

  2. I LOVE this, Skydad! So funny! I almost wish this place existed - I've had some boyfriends who deserved life sentences without parole.

  3. I must be out of my mind, I am hoping to get the Dyson ball vacuum cleaner for Christmas...almost as much as Raphie wanted a Red Ryder.

  4. Quiche and Chai Lattes! LMAO!!

    I actually thought the extra RAM and the memory note was totally sweet.