Dec 11, 2008

Yogurt is this good!

Do you hate those commercials about yogurt and how good it is with a white hot burning fury of a thousand suns like I do?


Ok, well maybe that is a tad bit strong, but I hate them all the same. Imagine my love of this parody on those commercials, with all of it's foul language and nastiness, which I consider to be it's more redeeming feature...

Go ahead, clicky, you have been warned.


  1. warped and hilarious -- thanks for sharing!

  2. I kind of want some yogurt now.

  3. That video was so fucking good. It was Blair from "The Facts Of Life" eating the corn out of my shit-good.

  4. That's "getting hit in the nuts with a sledge hammer but you're injected with morphine the second before the pain starts good".

  5. I had to come back and watch this again it's so good.

  6. LegalMist: I would like warped and hilarious on my tombstone.

    Bacon Lady: Or an accapella group?

    SG: Like I said in my email to you, you deserve an award for this comment!

    Zibbs: A close second to some guy!

  7. I do not know about the yogurt, but I would like to screw those woman...good.

  8. This is totally calling out your asstard of a husband when he's being a fucking hypocrite good.

    Thanks for that.

  9. This was getting a multiple orgasm from your shower head good! WHAT? No mess..

  10. Madman: Yeah, if I had any skills at all there...

    Giggle: Thanks for visiting! And great addition to the comments.

    Dizz: I always wanted to meet a squirter... Did I just say that out loud?

  11. Anonymous6:52 PM

    That was managing to get out of bed with no pain good! Sorry...I'm an old man. These days "the part" has just about as much consistency as the yogurt. :D

  12. That was catching the midget at a throwing contest and then fucking him and three of his friends in your van good.

    What? It wasn't me! It was a friend. Yeah, um, my friend Cathy. She's a whore.

  13. yes daddy.. you did!

  14. I'm clearly buying the wrong yogurt. Mine's not that good.

    This is hilarious!!!! :-)

  15. Hilarious! just plain old, all american, fucking an apple pie on the kitchen counter and getting caught by your dad, good!!

    Zibsy sent me!

  16. Sausage Mechanic: Best avatar ever!

    Gwen and friend Cathy: Welcome to both of you, and thanks for adding to the responses.

    Dizzblnd: When will me mouth stop blurting out those thought?

    Cora: Thanks!

    Candy: Welcome also, thanks for stopping by.

  17. i thought yogurt let you live to be like 150.

  18. This was so good i am freaking eating my yogurt right now with my fingers good!!!

    Ok, i know that was lame!! I just laughed my ass off, what do you expect???

    Found you from Dr Z!

  19. This is my exhusband's new wife dying of the herpes that she caught from her little yapping dog good.


    A girl can dream.

    Over here from Dr. Z. Hilarious video.

  20. I know all the wrong people.

    And this is exactly what I needed to see before going to work!