Dec 12, 2008

What an odd coincidence!

This is almost the same conversation I had about where do babies come from!


  1. Makes as much sense as... well, as... um... Well, that really doesn't make much sense. But it's sure funny!

  2. Another great one.

  3. Classic!!

    See, i knew i did it the right way! Wait, i don't have kids i guess i did it wrong afterall!!!


  4. Yep, that's how I viewed it as a kid when I got The Talk. I said, "I'm never doing THAT! NEVER!"

    Never say never, I guess.

    (And, yes, I agree, childbirth is a lot like pooping a kid out - like taking the most mammoth, unbelievable dump of your life with a roomful of people watching. Sooo not fun).

  5. Wow-- thanks for posting that! I was wondering how I was going to handle "the talk."

    "Yep, that's pretty much how it is."