Dec 26, 2008

Honest Scrap

A fairly new reader to my blog, That Damn Expat, has tagged me with an award. It is comprised of the following:

The honorees are to: a) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap."

I hate to do this to you expat, but I decided that I am going to change the rules a bit here. Instead of just listing 10 honest things about myself, I am opening up the floor for questions. This is because there are quite a few more readers of my blog since I did this for my 500th post.

I let anybody ask any question about Skyler and answered honestly, and agreed that nothing was off-topic. I heard from quite a few people that they enjoyed it and learned a lot about Skyler, me and my life with him, so here we go again.

So have at it folks, ask the tough questions and I will do follow-up posts with answers. Want to know about his future, his past, how he bathes, how he poops, nothing is off limits! I really like talking about my son, so do not be embarrassed.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!


  1. hmmm my neighbor's daughter has cerebral palsy so I know all about pooping and whatnot.
    But I will enjoy reading the answers to all the questions you will receive, mainly because of your love for him.

  2. Oh come on expat, I am sure there is something you want to know! You can ask anything about me also...

  3. I was busy reading through the answers from your 500th post.
    Now I'm all caught up. When I think of a question I'll let you know.

  4. What does Skyler weigh? I'm just curious because I was thinking about how you would have to lift him in and out of the tub, the chair, the van, etc. and I wondered if that would give you trouble with your back. And his chair has got to be a monster to lug in and out of the van.

    As far as questions for yourself, I think I've got a few. Have you ever been arrested, and if so, for what?

    What is the dumbest thing you have ever done while drunk?

    You have often mentioned that you have "no game" with the ladies but surely in your past there have been a few before your lovely wife. Who was the weirdest and most psychotic of the bunch?

    What did the Navy recruiter say that convinced you to sign up? And why the Navy?

    Do you have any tattoos? If so, describe them in detail. Would you consider getting a new one, and if so of what?

    You enjoy singing, so what do you sing in the shower or car when no one else is around?

    Elvis or The Beatles, which do you prefer?

    What is your worst nightmare ever?

    How long have you been wearing facial hair? Does the wife like it?

    What's the best dirty joke you ever heard?

    What is the worst pick-up line you have ever used?

    Tell me about where you grew up and what was good about it.

    Do you have a crazy relitive? Do you like them?

    What did your Father-In-Law say to you when you told him you wanted to marry his daughter?

    Have you ever pooped and it looked like a famous person, place or thing?

    Name a game you like to cheat at.

    Have you ever shaved an animal just for fun?

    Who was your best friend in High School and what were they like?

    You are a sentimental old sod much like myself. What movie brings you to tears everytime?

    Have you ever attempted to hula dance and how did that turn out?

    What is the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to you?

    Which is your dominent hand and does you "package" lean that way or the other way?

    What is GetkristiLove really like in person? Have you ever met her sister Vikkitickitavi? What is she like? How did you meet them originally?

    Do you have brothers and sisters? What are they like?

    By your definition, what is a good friend?

    What is the best advice your dad ever gave you or the most useful thing he taught you?

    (In Frued's voice) Tell me about your mother?

    You often claim that you "steal" ideas for posts from other bloggers. Who do you steal from most?

    You wrote a wonderful Christmas story about an old man and his dog. Would you consider writing more short stories for your blog and what would they be about?

    If you could arrange for all of your blogger buddies to meet up, where would it be and what would we do?

    If you knew your boss was using drugs on the job, even though it didn't seem to affect his performance, would you tell someone?

    What is the worst thing you have ever tasted?

    What famous person would you most like to have sex with?

    If you could go back in time, where would you go and what would you do?

    Name three really painful things.

    I could go on but that ought to be enough to get you started. As I was writing these it occured to me that some might be ones I've asked before. If so, skip 'em, unless you would like to have your new readers know this much about you.

    May it rain Guinness and you are lucky enough to have the pool empty.


  5. OOh I have one! What rank did you end up in when you left the Navy? I'm only asking because I know some people in the military as well.

    And also, I like these questions that the Doc posted:

    Do you have any tattoos and describe them in detail

    Have you ever attempted to hula

  6. Doc asked all the questions I was going to ask......