Dec 18, 2008

I Win! I Win!! I Win!!!

Dizzblnd over at Soggy_Doggy_Bloggy has presented me with an award! She received an award and in the time honored tradition of passing gas, er, passing along awards, nominated me.

This tag says I have to list 5 addictions. Whaaa! How did this take such a nasty turn all of a sudden? One moment I am basking in the glow of my statue, now it's some sort of intervention.

Still, shoulder to the wheel, stiff upper lip, off I go to my writers den in the southwestern wing of stately Sky-Dad manor. Ahh, who the hell am I kidding, there is no room, no wing, no manor. I write on a cardboard box while stealing WiFi from Starbucks... Nude...

My 5 addictions are, in no particular order:

1. Starbucks. Yes, the devil has it's hooks in me, I swear the key ingredient is crack!

2. Blogging. Reading all of you fine folks has become a serious time suck to my life (not that I had a life) and I love every minute of it!

3. Exercise. I like to stay fit, especially cardio-wise. Mom and Dad left me a legacy of high cholesterol and heart problems in the family, so I do some type of exercise daily. Usually a lot of exercise...

4. TV. We never get out due to life with a special needs child, so TV seems to be the source of entertainment. I watch a couple of shows religiously; Life, The Unit, Terminator Sarah Connor, Chuck, NCIS, and I just heard that the delightfully quirky show Pushing Daisey's has been canceled. Damn!

5. Surfing for video. Just look at my blog! Look at it! Chock full of clips that I find from all sorts of web-sites, friends, spam emails... Sigh, maybe this intervention is needed...

The time honored tradition of tagging more people always stops with me, I choose to welcome anyone who wants to play along.

Thanks Dizz, appreciate the tag!

And oh yes, this comes with a way cool new award:


  1. You're welcome! As always you didn't fail on the humor department with fulfilling your tag duties!

  2. OH and from now On I'm calling you WYD

  3. You sir, just might be changing the life of a sick person. See my blog for details.

  4. Congrats on that sweet booty!

  5. Ha ha! I love it! Hmm, I'm going to have to narrow my addictions down to just five?! That's gonna take some thinking....

    Oh, by the way, YES, you may have the stripper pole girl from my blog. Please take her off my hands - she's just gonna make me look like a spastic clown on that pole, I know it. I don't need the bar set that high!! She's yours. But I'm keeping the pole. :-)

  6. Oh damn it, I just read last part of your post and saw that you don't pass on things. Shazbot!

  7. you do find the best videos AND jokes