Dec 25, 2008

A Sky-Dad Christmas Morning

All right, gather around all you young-uns, I'm gonna tell you about the olden days. Growin up in the mountains of Colorado we didn't have any of those fancy-pants electronics you kids are always plugged into these days... Hey! Timmy! Speakin of electronics pull the damn earbuds out and pay attention to Sky-Pappy! I'm reminiscing and unless you want a trip to the ER to get those outta your hind end you best listen up.

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah, the old days up in the hills. When men were men and boys was stupid... We didn't have any DVDs, video games, or electronic whatcha-callits. We played real games, like ride at each other full steam ahead with brooms like knights and see who could knock each other off their bike! That was the ticket, real honest fun, sure there were broken bones and concush.. Kuncusion... Gettin yer bell rung! But did we complain? Hell no, we were tough!

I remember back a ways, before the video things on the movin picture box. That's what we called the TV you young punk Jimmy! Pay attention son or I'll kick your butt so hard it'll fly up around your shoulders!! Anyway, back to the movin picture box. First one we had used a crank on the side, we all took turns making it run. Then we got one that ran on Kerosene, and we thought we were living like pigs in shit let me tell ya! Just after that, maybe a tad after the bronze age, I don't know, mind plays tricks on me... Whatever, the timeline ain't the critcal piece of info here... But the point is, before the youtubes and the MTVs and all that vid-e-oh crapola, we had what was called variety shows to watch.

Lotsa good old fashion singin and dancin, and people liked it! Then this young couple that had a show on the air put together what they called a video postcard for the viewers. Well let me tell ya, my sister and I sat and watched that and were just amazed! Like a cartoon to music with her singin also. Whoowee, it was sumthin, girl was a pretty decent singer, had a husband that looked kinda like a troll, but was the brains behind the operation.

I wonder if she ever made it big, probably had too big a nose... Anyway, sit tight and listen up, cause it's got a good message for these hard times...


  1. lol you brilliant brilliant man!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  3. First off, I feel old 'cuz *I* saw this when it wuz on the air, so instead of sittin' there on th' floor atcher knee, SkyPappy, I'm in the kitchen spikin' the eggnog for yew an' mee.

    meanwhile, I have a little sign I hang in my cubicle with a knight that looks damned similar to that Tin Soldier. The caption *I* have is: 'SOME DAYS, THE DRAGON WINS.'

    Merry ☧mas to you and yours, Sky-Dad!!