Dec 13, 2008

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs...

Just a bunch of random goodness I have been collecting for awhile. Lets go see what we have, shall we?

This! Is! Wet!!

I'm a killer!

I love this and want it posted in all work places.

I don't fear your radiation, I shall simply leap over it!!

Beware of squids with mutant penis heads.

Just dial 3, like 3 times...

I guess that is enough for today, later everyone.


  1. That squid is cool.

  2. Squids are better endowed than me, too? Jesus.

  3. If I had a scanner, I could post the one of me posing by the sign at the gas station in Oregon that says, "Maniac on Duty."

  4. Is that swimming caution sign from the Miskatonic River?

  5. Your commentary is better than the signs! Very funny

  6. I want that doormat! (especially now with carolers lurking around)

  7. Classic!!

    My fav is your being monitored!!!

    See we have something in common! Or do we??

    Oh sorry, you just said you loved that one and i said its my favorite!!!

    Either way hysterical!!!

  8. that is very very funny! I cant imagine what I would do if I actually came across one of these!

  9. Ha ha ha - those are great!!

  10. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I'll bet that squid sign is particularly effective.

  11. Zibbs: Squids are cool, even without penis heads.

    Pistols: And what do they get for it, squat!

    Red: Like i mentioned in my email to you, I really want to see that!

    Bubs: You edimacate me once again sir!

    Dizzblnd: Thank very much.

    Expat: Yeah, that doormat rocks!

    Michelle: Thanks for stopping in, and I think we agree.

    Movin: Me neither.

    Cora: Thanks!

    Kirby: Nobody wants to tangle with a penis head monster (well, almost nobody)

  12. as for the giant cock-squid, that chick needs someone 'round to rub some suntan lotion on her pale bits when she visits the nudist camp...