Dec 30, 2008

How to Survive a Bear Attack

Some handy tips for the New Year, safety first people!


  1. I could have sworn that this was going to be a Davie & Goliath cartoon and the solution to being mauled by a bear was going to involve dropping to your knees and praying to Christ to accept your mortal soul before the bear rips your head off.

    I was glad to be disappointed.


  2. And a little tip, if an alligator attacks you, run zig-zag. It's true.

  3. Good advice. I have a mutual non-aggression treaty with all wild things. I will not bite them if they will not bite me.

  4. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Thank you - this advice came just in time. I was going to WalMart this afternoon.

  5. How to survive a bear attack?

    Do not go where bears congregate. PERIOD!

  6. I'm with Doc on this one, but I DID notice that Step 4 DID have religious o'ertones to it...

    You know, there rarely ARE bears at the local pub...

    Just sayin.