Oct 30, 2007

Field Trip

Teri does a great job sharing her outings with us via her field trips, so I thought I would take you all along with me on the dog walk out into the field beside our house.

Late edit: Blogger editor sucks! The pictures don't align at all like preview shows and I am too busy to fix it!

First of all, let's get you oriented to where you are. Here is the aerial image of our house and the field via mapquest:

The open area to the north of our house is the open field we like to walk the dogs in. We go other places a lot, but this is nice and easy for when we just need to run out for a quick walk. The small stream is the outlet of Standley lake Reservoir.

This is leaving our neighborhood and entering the field.

The view towards the dam to the west. The view to the east with the sun coming up. We have had a lot of haze, we are getting smoke from the fires out west.

This is one of two Beaver ponds that are out in the field, they have been busy in the early mornings getting ready for winter. Lots to do, reinforce the lodge, shore up the dam, collect tidbits to eat...

The pooches really like the area around the Beaver pond, they run around like mad sniffing up a storm!

The Beavers have been busy as... well, Beavers...

This is the lower pond that is very close to a strip mall next to Wadsworth Blvd. Who knows why they decided to build here.

And Yordi running back to me to catch up as we head back home. It is always so funny to watch him try and run really fast because his body just doesn't know what to do. He is half Border Collie and half Newfoundland. His little legs just can't do what the big body is telling them to do!

And finally, a short movie with us by the first pond. Thanks for coming along with us this morning!


  1. Beautiful photos! Your dog quacks like a duck! Must be the Newfie in him too. :-)

  2. I like the concept of walking the dog while still sitting on my ass.

  3. Oh, man. Those are so relaxing to look at while I should be composing corporate copy.

  4. gee, pix 1 makes it look like you live in a human ant colony (whereas a NUDIST colony would get you a helluva lot more hits, you know...)

    I went on a REAL field trip today with Sonny-Jim to a petting-zoo farm. ever seen 21 autistic preschoolers rush into a large enclosure containing about 40 ducks?? that 'ent nuthin-- you should've seen the looks on the DUCK'S faces when they saw 'em comin!!!

    BWA HA HA HA!!!

  5. thanks for the shout out. I'm glad you enjoy the pictures.

    yours are good. I love places like this, it seems to peaceful!

  6. NORTON!! DON'T LEAVE NO STEAMERS IN THE STREAM, NORTON!! (cleveland or otherwise...)

  7. Anonymous3:37 PM

    You've inspired me to try adding video to the blog. Oooh, the fun I could have.

  8. I'm surprised you didn't stop longer to check out the beavers.