Oct 16, 2007

Michael Sheen looks brilliant!

Check out the trailer to this movie at the web site.

I watched Michael Sheen carefully and I swear that he has CP. He must have studied the movements and mannerisms of someone who has Cerebral Palsy like my son Skyler. I really hope that this movie turns out to be as good as I believe it is, and doesn't fall into the trap of being sappy or pull a Million Dollar Baby ending.

"Think of it as the opposite of you"

I am so going to use that line someday...


  1. this does look like a good movie.

    these types of movies infuriate me, though. I like to be ignorant of how people treat other people. It keeps me sane. : )

    it would be nice to see how the laws changed, hopefully the better.

  2. Teri: The laws have changed and a lot of peoples attitudes have changed also. But there is still so much to do...

  3. I do love me some Ron Livingston.

  4. He is very good, isn't he Vikki.

  5. Ooohhh, That looks good. I also liked the movie (forgive me I'm blaking on the title) with the salesman who had cerebal palsey. It was based on a true story that I really enjoyed!

  6. Anonymous4:49 PM

    You can't have too much Ron Livingston, as far as I'm concerned.

  7. I really dislike movies where actors play the disabled. One of my brothers has CP, and that may well be why. Sure, it's all well and good when Sean Penn wants an Oscar, but if you don't pull it off perfectly, it's kind of the most offensive thing ever.

  8. Raven: That was my adopted actor, William Macy in Door to Door!

    Kirby: You and Vikki could arrange a "view-a-thon".

    Pistols: I couldn't agree more. There have only been a couple of good performances, and why not employ someone who has a disability? I'll bet Josh Blue could have been killer in this role.