Oct 23, 2007

Kudos to the cop for staying on the line

Must have been a slow night at the 911 desk.


  1. 8...
    the answer is 8

    I figured it out

  2. Way to go Jen, you have madd math skilz!

  3. I would have told them to shoot themselves, because that would totally get them out of class tomorrow.

  4. Anonymous4:34 PM

    that's priceless. Of course I called 911 for the answer and they just gave me a citation. Damn Po Po

  5. I think that policeman was keeping the kid on the line until the swat team got ready, busted into the house and did some serious "take aways", by hauling mommy off to jail.

  6. Policeman: Sixteen minus eight ... how much do you think that is?

    Boy: One?

    Damn, so close too.

  7. Pistols: Would they still need a note?

    Suzel: But what was your question? I'll bet thats why you got the ticket!

    Cheer: Flash grenades, that's the ticket!

    Beth: I was never that sharp, and still am not.

    Zed: I blame the new math.