Oct 26, 2007

The post for Pezda

Reading back through some of Pezda's stuff, I see that he is into rowing. I wanted to share with him some pictures from last year of my niece, Kirsten, who rows with Western Washington. She walked on, and got a spot with the #1 boat, and they won the national championship!

That is Kirsten on the far right.

Kirsten is on the far left.

All of us in the family say we want to be Kirsten when we grow up. She is also on their wakeboard team, teaches snowboarding at Mt. Baker, and guides raft trips in the summer.

Perhaps some day she may even graduate, but I keep telling her that is secondary to having fun. Her parents are not thrilled with my counsel...


  1. Graduating leads to jobs, and those all blow. Keep on advising her correctly.

  2. See, that's what I tell my girls. Go to college after high school, have fun while you get an education. Do it later and you usually have to work full time while you go to school...not fun! Keep on advising her!

  3. Why is it that any reference to rowing automatically makes me think of "Oxford Blues?" Man, I'm a dweeb.

  4. "propel, propel, propel your craft
    gently down liquid solution,
    estatically, estatically, estatically, estatically,
    existence is but an illusion."

    ---Good King Friday
    (as voiced by Fred Rodgers, The Tonight Show, circa 1978)

  5. It sounds like Kirsten and I would get along great, must be the K-name thing.

  6. Pistol and Raven: Thanks for the backup.

    Beckeye: You are the least Dweebish person out here!

    Lemon: Nice, very nice.

    GKL: You two would really get along well, you are quite a bit alike!

  7. That's very cool. Thanks for sharing. As you can tell I'm way behind on my blogging. Damn life getting in the way, sheesh.