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A Wish For Wings That Work

A little over 2 years ago I had a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. I had surgery on it, it was supposed to be just a scoping, but it turned out to be a partial tear on one tendon and a complete tear of a second. So they had to cut me open and get things fixed up. The root of the problem was a bone spur that wore things away through time. That shoulder is doing quite well now and stronger than the left. Now, in the past few weeks I have noticed some pain in the left shoulder, and got on this one right away. Same doc says that the MRI shows the same bone spur and another tear in the left shoulder. Yeah, I guess I got the matching set! Surgery is May 6th, here we go again...

Taking geek to a whole new level

Oh yeah, this is just what I need, a keyboard that is part of my pants! My favorite part? "there is a joystick controller located just behind the front zipper." I will pause while you all fill in your own joke... OK, here is the article and pictures, sit back and let the awesome flow over you. Designer Erik De Nijs, has stitched together this eye catching pair of “Beauty and the Geek” jeans. These “modern shaped trousers which are often worn by youngsters..” are the perfect solution for Googling quick exits while running from the fashion police. Built into the knees are a pair of crotch rocking speakers, around the back you have the added convenience of a back pocket for your “mouse”, and for you gamers, there is a joystick controller located just behind the front zipper.

I finally found a drug that works

Dave mentioned the passing of the anniversary of the shootings at Columbine, and I told him I would dig up an article by my favorite writer, Rick Reilly for him. Rick knew Dave Sanders, and wrote a wonderful article about him in Sports Illustrated. Here is that piece: The Big Hero of Littleton As usual, coach Dave Sanders spent Tuesday of last week at Columbine High hanging around the kids. One kept constant pressure on the gaping gunshot wounds in Sanders's shoulders, using T-shirts off other kids' backs. Another made a pillow from kids' sweatshirts for his head. Others covered his shivering body with more shirts. Outside the science room bullets and shrapnel were still flying, but inside, where Sanders lay, the kids were quietly keeping him talking, conscious, alive. "Who's this?" they whispered, going through his wallet, showing him his own pictures. "My ... wife ... Linda," he said with what little breath he had. They asked him about the pictur

Link meme

Johnny Yen tagged me with a new meme, and get this - it's all about links out there on them there inter-tubes! Anybody who reads me knows that I spend just a bit of time digging around for an occasional quirky vid to post, so this should be easy, right? Wait, what were those pesky rules again? 1. Must be clean, no R rated material. (OK, so I am pretty much screwed here if it has to be clean...) 2. Tell 5 people. 3. Only 5 links allowed. 4. Link back to person who tagged you. You can link to business, favorite, affiliate sites, etc. Well, I will attempt this anyway, and away we go... 1. / This is a pretty cool site where you get to see commercials from all over the world. A lot of stuff shows up here before you catch it on TV, and the European stuff is excellent. Not as strict on the censorship across the pond! 2. / The sandbox is a site where the folks who are right in the middle of the c

What men hear

Ladies, we can't help it. It's programmed into our DNA... MANS THINKS LIKE MENS..PERIOD

One of the problems we face in the mountains


Britains got talent 2

Shades of Paul Potts , 13 year old Andrew Johnston knocks them dead with his beautiful voice! I will root for this kid more than any of the American Idols... Britains Got Talent Andrew Johnston - Watch more free videos

The Story of Stuff

There is a very interesting short movie by Annie Leonard that talks about all of the different stuff we go through day to day. I tried to get it to load onto Blogger, but it processed for about 12 hours before I finally killed it... Quoting her web site: "From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It'll teach you something, it'll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever." Thanks to my brother-in-law Chuck for passing this on to me, take a gander and go to Annies web site to check it out.

Broke Trek

These guys did a fantastic job of piecing this together, funny as hell!

New video of Skyler over at the other blog

Check out Sky-man standing up during his Physical Therapy!

The National Anthem

I just now received this from one of my buddies, had to pass it on. I am trying not to sound like an old codger here, but this is how the National Anthem is supposed to sound, not all jazzed up like some people seem to think they need to perform it... Texas Tech University Basketball game, Feb 9th, National Anthem sung by 5 young ladies. Home video quality, sorry about that.

Need to get that guy out the door?

Ladies, here is a sure fire way to send that unfortunate one night stand running away... Hot Blonde Gets Rid of One Night Stand - Watch more free videos

I told myself I wouldn't cry

Beckeye has bestowed upon me the Holy Grail of the Blogger kingdom, the highly coveted Firecrotch of the Month award. This is a big deal people. This has been the ticket to fame and fortune for several folks whose names escape me at the moment. But I am sure they were to later reflect on their moment of Firecrotchness as the single most pivotal event in their sad little lives. I vow to only use my newfound prowess for the good of all mankind, or to at least try and score some spokesperson gig for good booze. Thanks Beckeye!!

South Park takes on the Internet

From ValleyWag, comes this wonderful bit: Viacom continues to pursue a $1 billion lawsuit against Google's YouTube for allowing video piracy. On Viacom's Comedy Central, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone aren't helping their corporate parent's legal case. In last night's episode, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny asked themselves " How Do We Make Money on the Internet? " and predictably, they find it difficult — just like YouTube . This leads to a South Park scene straight out of Viacom CEO Philippe Daumann's dreams as, one by one, the viral-video sensations that made YouTube so big are destroyed. Here's the scene in two clips. WARNING: Like everything else on South Park, it's graphic! Part I Part II

Why Run?

I tore this out of a magazine (obviously not too well) cause I had to scan it in and share. Looks like the runner is getting sick, but there are words coming out of his mouth. Click on it to enlarge.

It's official, the coolest name in the world


Todays random find

Enough jibber-jabber! Shut up fool, and feel the pain of the force!!

Words from a Naval Doctor Returning from Iraq

Those of you who know me know that I don't support the war in Iraq, but I do support the men and women who volunteer for service as I did when I got out of high school. I enjoy hearing from those who have been there, not the politicians who make quick stops for photo ops. Here is something from a Navy doctor returning from Iraq that I picked up from =========================================================================== Greetings all from hot, hot, hot Iraq. We are short indeed...although not quite as short as we had originally thought...our flight home has been posted and is showing up 3 days later than planned. The good news is that we leave in the middle of the night and arrive (all admin complete, including turning our weapons into the armory) around dinnertime at Pendleton on the same day we leave (11 hrs time difference). The other good news is it appears we've got commercial contract air carriers taking us home so we don't have to worry about sleep

There's a special place in hell for these assholes

Yesterday I caught just the ending of this story on the news at night so I went looking for the story today. I found a couple accounts of the story here and here . The gist of the story is that some lowlifes posted JavaScript code and flashing computer animation on an epilepsy site with the aim of triggering migraines and seizures in users. This is being called the first first computer attack to inflict physical harm on the victims, and affected RyAnne Fultz, a 33-year-old woman who suffers from pattern-sensitive epilepsy. says she clicked on a forum post with a legitimate-sounding title on Sunday. Her browser window resized to fill her screen, which was then taken over by a pattern of squares rapidly flashing in different colors. Fultz says she "locked up." "I don't fall over and convulse, but it hurts," says Fultz, an IT worker in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. "I was on the phone when it happened, and I couldn't move and couldn't speak."