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The post where he gets lazy and breaks out the Christmas Card

Hi there all of my friends who used to read this lonely space!  Our good friend Scope is hosting Cyber Monday to see if all of us folks who used to blog regularly will check in.  So I decided to have a go at it. The holiday season is upon us, and because of that I have decided to share our Christmas card with you in order to bring you all up to date on our 2014. I have been extremely fortunate to have dodged several lay-offs at my company, and have lost a lot of close friends from work.  The stress has been killer, but I count my fortunes and keep taking it one day at a time.  I am far more lucky than most. We decided to participate in Black Friday by getting a new car.  My old Volvo had a laundry list of things wrong with it that added up into the thousands, so we bit the bullet and bought a new Honda CRV.  It is really sweet! There just isn't much going on at Casa Del Hull, so I just want to wish you all a wonderful 2015 and a great life! Thanks, Chris

Just to prove I am a terrible person...

I have been replaying this and laughing like a fucking idiot for about 15 minutes,,, Post by Mimi Imfurst .

We have lost one of our own

I have left this little corner of the world to the dust bunnies, so I somehow doubt that this will reach many.  But in case you are one of the few left, we have lost our friend Doc recently.  I could try to express what I feel, but our good friend Scotland has done a far better job than I ever could. Drop over and please read his moving tribute.  And folks?  Hug each other a little more, and a little tighter.

Great Aussie Ad!

Yoga and Wine

Post by Ivette D'Orville .

Queen - Bohemiam Rhapsody - for 6 cellos (or onenaoko)

More of a space filler, but I found this to be beutiful!

Does anybody even come over to this little corner of the world of mine anymore?

I have been so very bad at blogging, and there is just no excuse other than I just don't feel it any more.  But for those 2 or 3 that might possibly still check in now and then, here is a treat. 4 minutes of some of the absolute best video you will ever see of downhill skiing, a passion of mine and one thing that I used to be good at in my youth.

What women are really thinking during sex!

 Something to tend to my neglected blog-area-space...

Spend 15 minutes to watch this wonderful women. It is well worth it.