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Our Local Rec Center

The pool portion of our local recreation center has been closed for renovation for over a year now. We have been taking Skyler swimming every Sunday for a heck of a long time, and so during this shutdown period we have been driving to a number of different rec centers all over the Denver metro area. It has been fun to see a lot of new places, but we are ready to just drive the 5 minutes locally instead of all over hell's half acre! This past Sunday the pool opened back up and we cruised on over to check it out. They really did a nice job on it, adding a little kids play area, a moving water feature called the lazy river, and a tube slide. There is also a climbing wall and rope swing that dumps into a deep well pool that is 12 feet. The only thing we noticed is that it seems really loud, which you will see in the video we took. So turn down your volume before you check this out, and try not to be frightened by my pasty whiteness and extra large bags under my eyes... Up to 30 sec

It's The Juggalo News!

Insane Clown Posse be droppin' the mad cable news flava, bitch! Check this dope shit out mutha-f-er!! I won't tell you who sent this one to me to post, because she said she doesn't have the balls to post it herself. Oops! Spoiler alert, I just cut out half the population by saying "she". Huge prizes to whoever can guess the mystery ball-less women...

Bad Tat Tuesday

It's a bit like watching a car sliding down an icy hill in slow motion. You know it will slide through the intersection, and you know it will probably get t-boned. You open your mouth to shout a warning, only to realize that nothing you can scream will make a bit of difference. All you can do is watch, helplessly, hoping against all hope that the eventual carnage isn't too bad. Yes, that's right. You just know you are going to start scrolling down, don't you? It's alright. It won't hurt... much... Probably torn off in some sort of horrific industrial accident. Very nice, but kind of like those lovers coins that fit together, who wants to always have to be side by side to show them? Stay klassy there Bo Duke. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! Kind of cool I suppose, but needs to be a bit better quality. It's a fish! No, it's a flower! No. It's... it's... Seriously, I have no clue. Game controller? This is my next interview suit if I leave my current

Old Rock Star Songs

Updated for us aging baby boomers. Tim Hawkins sings songs that famous Rock Stars will be singing in their old age. He really sounds like some of them!!

You meet the most wonderful people on the Internettubes!

Lots of the people I have come to know through this here little web diary I consider friends now. Even though I haven't met most of you face to face, I feel like I have an idea of what you are like, what you like to do, what you hate. It has been an interesting experience finding new and different people out there. A lot of you are also on Facebook, and that is pretty cool also, but brings up an embarrassing admission for me. Some of you that I know from blog land I have no idea who you really are on Facebook. There. I said it. Yeah, I am pretty dim witted some, er, most of the time and for some folks out there I haven't put it together. So if you are feeling like being kind to me, drop me a note and let me know who you are here and on Facebook, and I promise not to spill the beans. Unless of course I am waterboarded, or tortured in a more insidious method like taking away my coffee. Then all bets are off... In closing, here are some of the folks that I hav

The late friday bring it on weekend post!

Just a random collection of funny stuff I have found while sniffing up the flanks of the Internettubes... Have a great weekend everyone!

Impossible is Nothing

This is just about 8 minutes, and well worth watching. Lots of clips of different motivational speeches merged together, with a montage of why we play the game. Enjoy.

What You May Have Missed On Valentines Day

Well, at least he tried... This reminds me of Monty Pythons Meaning of Life skit, Mr. Creosote.

We interrupt Bad Tat Tuesday for some ranting...

I didn't get around to collecting enough tats for another edition of Bad Tat Tuesday, so sorry folks. My bad. But what has been going on is a lot of suck! Therefore you get to listen to me bitch... Dear lady in front of me at Starbucks, what is that delightful scent you are wearing this fine morning? It seem like a mixture of dog crap, after-sex, and shame. And I do believe you applied it with some device of your own design I can only imagine is like a moving walkway that goes through a personnel sized car wash! Well done fine maiden, well done! While we are on the subject of dog crap (seamless transitions are a forte of mine) what the hell is with you people at the off-leash dog park? Right there at the entrance is a roll of bags that you can grab a couple off of just like a paper towel dispenser. It isn't too difficult, bag up Fido's dropping and put them in the barrel on the way out! It is just common courtesy, and if we don't do it we will lose this place, g

Monday Morning Madness

Monday mornings are crap, we all know that. So I thought why not start the day off with a nice collection of WTF?? What the hell are we teaching here? When we got the pictures back, we were shocked to see dead uncle Frank. I want to party with this guy! Just what I want to see looking back at me in the mirror each morning. Is this really a major problem? When I have morning wood I just use the tub... Math sucks. I need a pair of cool shades that makes me look young, hip, and a whole different awesome person! Meanwhile, back at the nutsack gallery... Possibly the scariest picture in this entire collection! I downloaded all of these through my Internet hole. If you don't have an Internet hole yet, why are you waiting?!?

Happy Valentines Day!

Here are some things to make you laugh while you try and figure out what just happened to your wallet after buying that 40 dollar bouquet of roses... A Valentines Day Confrontation Between A Mother and Her 7-Year-Old Daughter on CollegeHumor When I use Old Spice, I can make diamonds appear while I ride a horse! Look at me!! The Man Your Man Could Be - watch more funny videos

Why I am an Olympics Geek, reposted from Aug 6, 2008

I was going to do another long post, but I figured that I had already told most of you why I love the Olympics in an older post. So I am just going to repost the content here. Of special note, my favorite Olympic Athlete I talk about at the end will be at this Olympics as a commentator again! Yipppppeeeeeee!! Repost begins... I love the Olympic games. I know, what the heck is so interesting about them? All the controversy and politics involved, it makes most people want to wish it would all go away. But I still love to watch them. I love competition, and especially love competition at it's best. When it is done right, and there isn't a message being thrown in your face, it brings out the best in us. I am drawn to the power, the beauty, the grace of athletes who are the best at what they do. And I am drawn to the stories behind the athletes, what they have given up to become the best. I like both Summer and Winter games, and have favorite sports in each. The Winter games are