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What's Facebook Selling Me Now?

What is up with those advertisement generators on Facebook? I get some of the strangest stuff... Facebook thinks my package needs more energy and bare cheeks.  Facebook should know that I go commando. At least these don't add any energy. Maybe Brian should back away from the Wendys Baconator. If I can't have a spike through my tongue, I guess the next best thing is cucumbers to sooth my eyes. Do I have to drive to Lafayette, or can I just mail them a sample? I finally found a job the folks with the bad tats can get!  Huzzah!! Every one of these back to school ads has a guy with an epic beard.  But this is the first old man from the sea version. When advertisements go bad...

Happy Thanksgiving from Sky-Dad

If you celebrate the feast of stuffing your pie hole until you explode, then I hope you have a wonderful meal complete with family dynamics that would make the Gaza strip seem tame. Be sure to include this fun filled drinking game!   Or if you need some Turkey day humor, these are always good. But most important is knowing the protocol that comes with the Thanksgiving meal:

Bad Tat Tuesday - The Thankful Edition

Be thankful you don't have any of these... As usual, my friends rock and have sent me some fine examples for this week. First up, Lynette from Crazed Mind sent these to me. Good work but strange subject matter! My friend and regular contributor, Cindy, shared these with me.  Nice work, but holy crap... There is no hope for this guy. Amazing color, kind of busy. Found him! These last two are from Facebook, the first is a guy that showed up at a book store to have his copy of the Oatmeal book signed. If you don't read the Oatmeal, you won't get it.  But why aren't you reading the Oatmeal?

Hump Day Funnies

Hi Gang, I have a couple of tats stored away for next week, but have been busy trying to get my brain wrapped back around work after being gone a few days. So in the meantime, here are some placeholders to hopefully make you chuckle, or at the very least not forget me... This makes me wish I still worked in an office!

A message from America's Greatest Generation

Droppin knowledge.

The tackiest costumes you may have missed last night.

Steve Irwin punny... Racist much? OMG, Ted Williams head. Get them started early on their trailer park life. Years of therapy. It will always be too soon for Christopher Reeves jokes. I would actually do this at the right party with enough alcohol! He has been around awhile, but always shows up with an image search. How do you spell wrong? And they you go, we have a winner for the worst.