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A Question of Worth

Hi everyone, I am breaking out of my self-imposed silence with something of worth. If you have ever wanted to catch just a glimpse of what Kathy and I have been beating our heads against for the last 10 years or so, go over to this link and watch the trailer for the movie. I wish I could embed, but there isn't an option, so please click over and look.

We Have Reached The End Of Our Broadcast Day

So I guess you have noticed that I have not posted much lately, and what I have been putting up has been pretty much pure crap. Truth be told, I have not felt much like digging deep into any particular subject, nor have I had the time to really collect my thoughts or even string more than a few sentences together. There are just too many things pulling at me from all different directions right now: Work has been so busy that I actually have been doing weekends and a lot of extra hours, which I always swore I wouldn't get sucked into. While working from home has been nice in so far as I am able to help out a lot, my personnel relationships with friends has gone by the wayside.  There has also been the tendency for my wife to abuse it a bit by scheduling lots of stuff in the middle of the day. Skyler has simply been kicking our ass.  I wrote awhile back about how he seems to have given up a bit on trying to work with us and the school.  That hasn't gotten any better.  He i

Repost: Everyone uses the word, what's your problem

This is from 2009, but I wanted to re-post it because today is "Spread the word to end the word" day. Every time I hear somebody refer to Skyler as "retard" I die a little more inside. Our-kids is a group of over 1000 people who all are people who are in one way or another in the special needs community. Most of us are parents, but there are teachers, doctors, therapists, siblings, and some are the person with the diagnosis. It is a worldwide community, but most are from the United States. We benefit from having an international membership, because it can be quite interesting to hear about viewpoints or medical procedures that are going on in other countries. Over the years, I have had faceless names become close friends, engaged in discussions about body functions you wouldn’t mention to your doctor, and gained a valuable sounding board for advice and ideas. I have grown to care about a lot of these people, and their lives as much as some of my own friend