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Seriously? I Mean Seriously!?!?

Two consecutive spam emails in my box within 30 seconds of each other this afternoon, just after I placed an on-line order for a replacement for my Hydro Floss teeth cleaner. I like having good teeth, and I like having a clean mouth. Does this automatically place me into some geezer email hopper where I will now be receiving tons of directed ads for all sorts of goodies? Geeez, just when I thought I would scream if I got one more erectile dysfunction ad or a penis lengthening device...

Hey Boys and Girls! What Time Is IT!?!

It's Bad Tat Tuesday Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Howdy, howdy, howdy to all the little buckeroos out there. We're gonna learn all about bad ink today! Isn't that exciting? Doesn't that sound like fun? Now, now Billy. Don't cry. It's all right... wait! Where the hell you going kid!? Get yer ass back here and look at this like a man... Ever seen a grown man's ass crack Billy? I'm sure there is a "Your mama" joke in there someplace. Moving into our phallic series now... Stay classy dude, stay classy... She used to babysit me, which I believe might explain a bit. Her mom took her in to get her first back tat! LSD Unicorn is a favorite. And finishing up with nazi cheeks, no no, you can all thank me later. I need to go clean my eyeballs with bleach now.

Of the Olympics and Picabo

Some of you may remember my post about being an Olympic geek , and of my favorite athlete Picabo Street. In that post I recall an old commercial that I could never locate that feature Picabo recovering from her devastating knee injury, and racing in the hospital. Well the electronic world is an amazing place, because I received an email out of nowhere from a nice lady named Carly that had found the commercial after a search brought her to my blog. She was kind enough to send me a link, so I wanted to share it with you all. That 30 seconds says everything about her you would want to know.

I had no idea they could actually talk!

This is so not safe for work, but sooooo funny! So click on over here if you are away from prying eyes !

Shhhh, be vewy, vewy qwiet. It's a supwise fow Scope and Cowa!

While Scope is winging his way out to Seattle to be with his lovely betrothed, Cora, I thought we could all do some planning. I have managed to purchase a big ticket wedding gift for them and wanted to know if you all wanted to chip in with me? Check this out, they will never, ever, have to be apart again with this beauty!! What? Too much? Ok, if you think the combo sink/hot tub/toilets is too much, we can return it and jut go with basic toilet for two: I know, I'm a giver. You can all thank me later, and I take Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal...

What I Laugh At While Driving Around

I mean when I am not laughing at how stupid some of the conservative response to the passing of the health bill is... What I am talking about is the wonderful radio advertisements for the Duluth Trading Company . This is a company that makes, among other things, work clothing. Work clothing that makes those old Sears "Toughskin Jeans" seem like chiffon... Their website has all the links to their TV and radio spots, but I think the radio ads are just funny as hell. Here are my favorites: Or maybe this is just because I love guy humor?

Bad Tat Tuesday! The Kid Edition!

No matter how hard they try, I have never seen a portrait of a kid transfer to a tat that looked worth a damn. I think it's a nice idea, especially if you have lost a child, but maybe a picture in your wallet is better. Bonus points for the proximity to your nip! The one on the right... Wow, just wow. Probably the best of the bunch. Turned a baby pic into some demon out of hell! I can't help but think very old Chinese guy. And we have a winner! That will live in my nightmares for weeks!

I have already lost a friend today

Just because of last nights passing of the Health Care bill. Somebody that I tend to argue with but always respected because I believe that he doesn't have evil in his heart, just tends to listen to more people to the right. As I have grown through the years my beliefs have shifted more to the liberal side of the scale, but I still consider myself an independent. I am willing to listen to somebody who has a different opinion, as long as it is not born of evil, and comes from a source that isn't Glenn Beck or Rush. But this morning at the gym he went off on me (I guess I am his whipping boy) about how this is the end of our society. Seriously, "the end of our society". Followup comments that were all tendered without waiting for any of my answers or opinions were amazing also. "This buffoon is going to bankrupt our country". "Socialism has never worked in any other country". and my personnel favorite, "This is just more incentive for people

Of Frosty and Pitching Decks

I did a post for Veterans day awhile back where I told you about a friend I lost while I was in the Navy. Here is the short version of that story: When I entered the Navy It was 2 years after the war had ended, and I met a lot of guys who served during the war. One stands out to me, and I always remember him during memorial day and veterans day. He was the only friend I lost during my 4 years in the Navy. He was Lt Commander MacDonald, call sign Frosty. He flew A6 Intruders in the war, and later switched to S3 Vikings and I had the pleasure to control him on several occasion during anti-sub operations. Frosty was the CAG, or Commander of the Air Group and he was also from Colorado. He grew up in Vail, so when we met up off ship we got along well, even though he was an officer and I was an enlisted guy. Frosty flew in Nam on several missions, having been shot down twice and eventually rescued. He told a story of hiding in a large bush waiting for a rescue helo while Vi

My Eyes Are Up Here

Since everyone else will be doing St Patrick day posts, I will leave that alone and focus on series issues. Like how to get men to look you in the eyes... Forehead Tittaes w/ Marion Cotillard from Marion Cotillard

Bad Tat Tuesday Rides Again!!

If it's Tuesday, that can only mean one thing. You survived yet another Monday and are ready to celebrate by way of seeing what you were smart enough not to permanently place on your body. This weeks collection has no theme, with the exception that every episode has, poor quality or poor choices. Strap in and please keep that bar down in it's locked position for the duration of the ride... This artwork is pretty good, but the human eyes and elephant nose combo is freaking me out a touch. Happy Halloween right back at ya! It took me awhile to see past the tats, multiple piercings, and such to get up to her head. Check out that bad racing stripe of shaved head going on. She is certainly somebodies princess, just not mine. Or daddies. Or most other peoples... That is some pretty amazing detail, unfortunately on a canvas that is going to go south in a hurry. Caption this. Trust me, I'm a professional. One that I have put up on this blog many moons ago has shown up in a de

Monday Morning Madness

Here is some random wackadoodal crap to get your week started off right. Just think that as you head on out the door to work, you aren't any of these people. Then things should seem so much better. No need to thank me, it's ll part of the service! Which reminds me. I haven't been getting any tips lately... I loved this! Lion ball checker. What, was Elephant prostate stimulator taken? This is quite a bit like my retirement plan. I want whatever he is on. Matching sleeve and sock. Jumbo is bringing it! Bwaaaa ha ha ha... Oh wait, that isn't funny... That is the look of a kid that gets in a fight each recess. Needs no caption. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle breeze, so this isn't exactly fair. I dub thee "WarFace". I imagine this is right out of a lot of folks childhood worst nightmare. I don't know what the translation is, but I am betting that at least one of those words is "pedophile".

Ouch! I just pass them along folks...

A Scotsman walks into the bedroom with a sheep on a leash and says.... "Honey, this is the cow I make love to when you have a headache." The wife, lying in the bed reading a book, looks up and says, "If you weren't such an idiot, you'd know that's a sheep, not a cow." The guy replies, "If you weren't such a presumptuous bitch, you'd realize I was talking to the sheep."

Fire That Agency!

Come visit me over at Fire That Agency , where we take a look at some more commercials that never should have made it. Today's specialty is racism!
GetKristiLove sent me this link in an email today. I swear that sometimes she just wants to see how long it can take to make me cry. For those of you that like to wager on such things, the time was just under 2 minutes. So when you are betting on me, always take the under. The link was to a site called Kim Komando's video of the day, here the link to that site. And here is the video on YouTube, with the explanation from that site: This video is copyrighted by: Kleenex alert! Each person who watches finds an individual message that touches them on many levels, & brings them to tears. It's about acceptance, adjusting expectations, & focusing on the "can do's" in life which allows for a celebration of amazing outcomes. This is Surf dog Ricochet's journey from birth, to service dog training, to dog surfing, to surfing tandem with quadriplegic surfer, Patrick Ivison, to fundraising for charitable causes. She

Best Commercial for the Worst Product Award Goes to:

In the category for the best use of the double entendre...

Happy Birthday Skyler!

My young man turns 19 today. That can't be possible, that would make me (shudder) older! Grandpa sent some new Washington Huskies wear. Mom and Dad got him a new DVD player. Aunt Karen and Uncle Steven sent him a new tape, which was his favorite!