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Bad Tat Tuesday!

Lots of wonderful friends out there who are sending in things that they find out on those internettubes, so here is to all of you out there.  Keep 'em coming! From Cindy, a very nice usage of the belly button. From Shelleigh, this man is trying to get everything he loves all into one tat.  try again... From Mjenks, just a whole lot to love about this piece of... whatever this is.  Ideas? This whole series from the CHIVE was sent to me by none other than one of our favorite bloggers, The Veggie Assassin! Mmmm, sweet sweet sundae. He needs to add some felt to the antlers. They're all cute and cuddly until someone looses a finger! Perfect for those formal occasions. So clever.  Wouldn't your arm get tired? Everything is better with bacon!  Even bad tats. Rawr indeed!  Hat tip to the ladies canvas! One question.  Where is this tat located? That is just disturbing. Good work actually!

Why hello there Murphy...

I was all set to do a Bat Tat Tuesday post when events conspired against me and I had to share my tale of woe with you all.  We have been saving up for some much needed concrete work on the old homestead here, the driveway and sidewalks are all cracked and in need of replacement.  So after my due diligence in selecting somebody that came with a good recommendation, I opted for the higher priced guy because I felt comfortable that he does good work.  He is here this morning jack-hammering and tearing out all the old concrete, and the new driveway will be replaced soon.  It was more than I thought I would have to pay, but that's OK when I get good work. No problem there, cue Mr Murphy and his law now... The colder days are coming here in Colorado, and I wanted to get in front of furnace maintenance this year and get it all cleaned out, filters replaced, blah blah.  I do most of that  myself, but this year after I did that work, I noticed that there was more of an ash type subs

Fernando is moving on!

As much as I have enjoyed having Fernando visit me, there comes a time when all good things must come to an end.  Fernando has become restless and bored with the Sky-Dad way of life, and is longing for different scenery. After an extensive review of the blog world, Fernando stumbled across these fine folks: Look!  They travel and look rather nice! And they tagged Sky-Dad in this photo, so they get bonus points for that. They appear to know how to have a good time. This one wears gloves that are almost pink! I have a lot in common with this guy!  Now to figure out which fantastic mode of travel to use...  Train would be nice to see the country, or perhaps I can check out the hot stewardesses like Austin Powers! Give it up Fernando, I don't think PSA has been around for quite some time. I'm impressed also Fernando, but I really don't think you will see her in the air. Oh give it up already! That's right Pig, into the

Clearing the skies on September 11, 2001

A lot of people will be writing about the events of September 11, 2001 today, and all of them will probably be much more well researched and thought out than this little web posting.  Most people that I know have a much firmer grasp on world events than I do, and will undoubtedly dissect what we did, what we should have done, why we must never forget, and so forth. As a matter of fact, I am sure it will be talked to death, until most everybody is sick of hearing it. But I wanted to touch on a different event that happened that I may have just a bit more knowledge about than most.  That was the unprecedented order to clear the airspace over the United States for the first time in history.  Some of you may know that I was in the Navy right after high school, and my job among others was as an Anti-Submarine air controller.  So I have a bit of practical knowledge about how difficult it is to keep machines traveling at high rates of speed from bumping into each other. After the secon

Where's That Pig?

I have been a very bad host to our porcine friend that has been visiting me for way too long now. Yes, it's true, I have just been sitting on poor Fernando... wait, that didn't come out right, I haven't actually been sitting on him, just not doing anything with him... Still not coming out real well here, I don't "do" things with Fernando, that would be wrong, but I should be entertaining him more... Gaaaa!  Re-start! Fernando came to visit almost a year ago, and I have not been very good at playing the role of host.  He has traveled a bit here and there with me, but I always wanted to take him on a great hike up one of Colorado's 14'ers, just so he could say that he had been that high.  Without prescription grade pharmaceuticals that is. But with the schedule that I live these days, between working my ass off to keep my job and taking care of Skyler, there has never been enough time.  So over Labor day weekend, I made plans to at least get Fern