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Bad Tat Tuesday!

Sorry I am late today, had a doctors appt this morning and I forgot to set up a post Monday night for auto publishing.  But I think you will like this selection... My friend Raine sent this to me.  I heartily concur! My friend and frequent contributor, Cindy, sent in these next 4.  this is the best one though... Winner of best canvas award. Math geek, math geek! Ginn sent me this awesome run with scissors and crossed knitting needles tat. Aimee struck gold with the zipper chest and heart tat! These next few were all random finds on the internettubes.  That is just too much planning... What would he do?  Some type of horrible science experiment? This *is* the droid I was looking for!!

Even more randomness...

Someday I just might form a couple of thoughts and jot them down on this here electronic web letter thingy. Until then, you get random collectables.

Everything is bigger in Texas

I traveled to Richardson Texas this past week for work.  Due to budget cutbacks, this is the first time that we have been able to travel, and get our entire team together in over 3 1/2 years.  I met two of my co-workers face to face for the first time, and it was a bit weird actually.  I have come to know them both very well over the years of working together, but it is different being face to face the first time.  I mean, do you shake hands, hug, just act like it is the same old, same old?  So I decided to hug because I am a hugger! We had a series of meetings that were mostly productive, and ate far more than any human being is supposed to be able to!  Portions are out of control in Texas, we had plates the size of hubcaps in most cases.  And the food was all very good, especially at Yo, which was recommended to us by our VP.  That was good he recommended it, because the bill for 7 of us was close to 600 bucks, without fancy wine or anything! Here are some picture, most of which

Random funny from the lunatic fringe

You know what I have noticed?  I sure seem to like the word "fuck" a lot...