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Once upon a time my life was my own

Hi there fellow blogger, or should I say fellow slacking bloggers.  Scope has declared that today be the day we try and jumpstart some of these old electronic bits and pieces and see if we cant all reconnect.  And who am I to deny Scope anything?  Just remember, red is positive and black is negative. As with many of you, the siren song of Facebook with its easy likes and links has sucked a lot of my time away from blogging.  It is easy to quickly share a quick update or a story, but I do sometimes miss the long narrative of blogging. But the majority of my time lately seems to be divided between taking care of my son Skyler, who I kind of started this whole thing for, and the extra stress of a job that seems to want to get rid of me.  Perhaps I can do a better job of writing down my thoughts in the next post, but for right now I am exhausted, can't see straight, and just wanted to say hi to old friends and new. Big bloggy hugs and kisses to you all. Skydad (aka Chris)