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More randomness while I try and decompress from having family visit while work fell apart

Last week was pretty bad, let's hope that this one is a tad better. For some reason this cracks me up! Smokey goes postal. I is smart. Not a single ounce of fuck has been given. Been there... Nicely done. Another that made me snort!

Bad Tat Tuesday, the DebraLee Edition!

Today's bad ink is all from frequent contributor and great person DebraLee.  She sent in a fantastic collection a couple weeks ago and I am just getting around to posting. I know it will be tough, but just see if you can pick up on the common theme here... Not really a tat, but still deserves a shout out!

What a Wedding it Was!

Saturday we went to the wedding of one of Skyler's lifetime friends, Marla.  From Kindergarten, Marla was always one of the kids who didn't mind that Skyler had CP, and always stuck up for him.  She is a great young women, and the same age as he is at 21.  Marla's family is Mormon, so we expected to be invited to some form of a ceremony, but not the actual marriage.  But come to find out that her husband is not Mormon, and his family is really not very religious at all.  So how would the two families rectify this situation?  The way that everyone should, ask what the kids would like.  Since they met at a Renaissance festival, that is how they wanted the wedding to be handled.  When I heard this I was thinking, oh boy, here we go.  But the kids actually pulled it off pretty well, and it was very moving.  They wrote the whole thing themselves.  So I won't be Judgy McJudgerstein here.  It was their day and they looked great.  With the possible exception of the broad

Sorry I missed the tats...

What with my birthday being yesterday, and getting showered with well wishes, eating my weight in pizza and cheese cake, and generally being a sloth, I forgot about bad tat tuesday. Well, next week will rock my friends, and until then, here is some nonsense. Love this! Good ups kid. That is how I operate all day long. hell yes! I didn't get this at first until I remembered the SNL skit about the over excited cashier. Oh burn... Mom would be so proud. He he he, can you say double entendra? yep.

A Quick Question...

I wonder which one is going to bring him back to life faster?    

Bad Tat Tuesday, a day late and a dollar short...

I blame the fact that I have not been getting any sleep, and my age, and my increasingly short term mem...Squirrel!! Lots of tats came in again from readers, you folks are all the best! These came from my friend Denise, she has great stuff she shares! What?  I didn't ease you into this?  Too bad...  Not too bad of a choice if you want to wear a scarf the rest of your life. As far as the animal portraits go, this is far from the worst I have seen. Unicorns pissing rainbows of cupcakes, and... ?? From the Chive, there is just a whole lot wrong in this one.  And why is Bart just standing off to the side? Also from The Chive, I think I have had this one before.  Frasier channeling Jack Nicholson in the Shining. What in holy fuckballs is this hot mess? My buddy Dave sent me a link to this one:  The story with this link was that this dude spent 10 grand for a "Field of Dreams" tat across his entire back and arms.  It took over 180 hours to