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Bad Tat Tuesday

It's been awhile since I have had a tat post, so here they come at you from all sides. Please keep your seat belt buckled and remember that your cushion can be used as a flotation device in the event of a water landing. Is this the Silver Surfer in baggies going for a dunk? It's a match made in heaven. Now if my tax dollars would only be used on sterilization... Yes please. Just go ahead and do it. Well that is certainly extreme. I don't know what scares me more, the tats or the little speedo. I think this is really good work. Just a bit too much really good work! That is really different, but pretty clean work. Wow, a chain... Yeah, he's extreme. That is really, really poor work. No, I stand corrected. THIS is really, really poor work! Those tiny hands remind me of that weird character that Kristen Wiig plays!!

The World's Most Effective Safety Video

This works because nobody in their right mind would continue working there!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

So the wedding trip really was quite nice for the most part. But I feel the need to get a few things out there and off of my chest. Kind of like a safety valve on a pressure cooker on the stove top. The Good: See my last post about the wedding. It was uniquely Kristen and Roy, a beautiful scene, their friends all helped, it was officiated by an awesomely cool lady, and we got to drink beer during it! All the people that are Kirsten's friends in Glacier are very cool, and helped her so much. They all just chip in without being asked, because that is how they live. The weather was cloudy and rainy all around the site, but this big beautiful hole in the clouds stayed right above us. What can I say? I think they live right. Frontier Airlines are so damn cool about us flying with Skyler I can't believe it. They offered to move us from row 5 up to the bulkhead if that worked better (which it doesn't) and bent over backwards to get us on first and help in every way. They d

What a Trip, and What a Wedding it Was

Ahhhh, back home to where it is a tad more easy to take care of Skyler! When you are lugging the man-cub up and down stairs a lot, you forget about the simple things of life, like ramps! Our trip was really great, and Kirsten's wedding was excellent. I will try not to bore you all with way too many details that you don't need or care about, so here is one big, long post mostly of pictures. We flew into Seattle and stayed the night getting settled in the townhome we usually rent. It used to be an assisted living facility, and now it is an extended stay place. So it has wide doors, good accessibility for chairs and works well for us. Then we drove up north to where Kirsten and Roy live, just south of the Canadian border in Glacier Washington. Kirsten and Roys place, a small A frame with a much larger building they built themselves for holding their rafting and Kayaking equipment. (priorities you know...) This is the place that we rented while we were there, it was just next

This Space For Rent

My lack of posting is about to get even worse than it has been lately. But it is for a good reason this time. We are heading way up near the Canadian border to Glacier Washington for Skyler's favorite cousin's wedding! Kirsten has been a big part of Skyler's life and we just love her dearly. She is the ultimate athlete and outdoors girl, and she finally found a guy who can keep up with her. Roy is an awesome guy and he and Kirsten run their own raft company, and the Kirsten teaches skiing and boarding at Mt Baker in the winter while Roy remodels homes. They truly belong with each other in winter or summer! I will see you in about a week and a half, stay out of the liquor cabinet...

Cuddle With an Elephant Seal

A 5 minute video of a women laying on the sand and is approached and cuddled by a seal. This is amazing. The website has this additional information: Addendum: some people have commented about the woman's not touching the seal; she is not allowed to. This is an island off Argentina.South Georgia Island is a sub-Antarctic island administered by the United Kingdom as part of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. It is located 1390 km southeast of the Falkland Islands and 2150 km from South America. It is the home of vast numbers of birds and marine life, but its remote location and lack of access makes it a rare destination for tourists. You can read more about Gold Harbor, South Georgia Island, near Antarctica here: Many tour operators will require visitors to do a boot wash after every landing to avoid carrying seeds or other items from one location to another. In addition, visitors should exami

I think I would just walk down to the gas station on the corner

High tech bathroom! (3.9 Mb)

ElliptiGo-ing we go, ElliptiGo-ing we go,

Hi ho the merry-o, ElliptiGo-ing we goooo. Some of you who know me on Facebook know that this last weekend I received my new Elliptical bike, the EllipiGo! I started searching awhile ago for something besides my regular bike because my bad disk in my lower back makes the leaning over position uncomfortable. Let me rephrase that, it makes things hurt like hell just before I lose all feeling, which isn't a good thing. So I was checking out recumbent bike online, because I had heard good things about the seating position on those, when I saw a link for the ElliptiGo . It looked interesting so I signed up online for some information and joined the Facebook group. Nobody had anything bad to say about them, and I was contacted by a local rep Patricia who brought a couple over for a test ride. They are very cool, lots of work, but no pain at all to ride. So I have a new workout machine/toy to play with now, and I hope to drop some of the spare tire I seem to have growing around my bel

Bad Tat Tuesday! More guest shots!!

Hey boys and girls, gather round while Sky-Pappy tells you about the old days, and how life was tough and shit. Or we could talk about more bad tats, your choice! Yeah, I kinda thought you would go for the tats, because that's why you people come here. First out of the gate we have some guest editions, and I always love it when folks send me bad tats. The terrible thing is that a lot of them have already been seen here at my little corner of the poorly inked world. First out of chute #1 is a series of Geeky Tats by my friend Cindy: Myspace, really? I bet you thought that was cool about 6 or 7 years ago, not so much anymore. Bar code and ports make for an interesting combination. I wonder if he scans? The old Sad Mac, I miss him so. For rebooting your ankle I suppose. The Fail Whale! I haven't seen this in awhile! HTML code for the neck... I see you are a blogger... Next up is a truly scary piece of work sent to me by Leslie, thank you so much my dear! Seriously, can you e

For Scope

A while back our newly married blog buddy Scope was questioning the use of the word Epic. I believe I may have found two proper definitions: