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Love letter to life in Denver

This is directly from an article in KUNC, all props to them for this excellent work! Quoting the full article: A highlight reel of life in Denver has been making the viral rounds online. “Breathless” by Thaddeus Anderson and Woody Roseland was originally produced for the 2013 edition of TEDxMileHigh in Denver. Anderson and Roseland, co-founders of  Air Ball Creative , designed the short film to get the audience hyped about Denver. A way to translate the essence of the Mile High City and its surroundings visually. If you’ve spent any time in Denver, or have lived in the city all your life, it could make you pretty emotional. “More and more people are proud of living in Denver. It’s no longer a stop on your way to California, but people want to live here,” said Woody Roseland. As Denver has continued to grow and gain prominence on the world stage, Roseland says it’s starting to change its image. “We didn’t want to do a tourism video for peopl

Fantastic commercial

Don't mess with Texas? Don't fuck with New York!

I just love Lewis Black!

Did he really go there?

What are the odds that he really doesn't know what bukkake is? His grandson probably got that for him and just laughs and laughs thinking about gramps wearing it in public!

Old Spice Commercial Parody

I turned on my swagger and woke up covered in bitches!

Girls on their periods

This girl is just laying it out there. Funny as hell!

The Epidemic of Sexually Unfulfilled Females (Very Widespread)

Give guys. Give until it hurts, then give some more...

Friday Funnies!

Please bare with me and my lack of motivation and enjoy random things collected from the internettubes...