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Let's clean out the saved pictures folder on a snowy day!

Skyler is happy for awhile playing a DVD, and I have a few minutes to write something down in this little electronic corner of the universe. But why on earth would I try and organize any thoughts on a snow day?  That would require effort and ambition, both of which are in short supply today...

Pet Peeves

Any of the readers of this little corner of the electronic world know of my extreme dislike of tools parking in the handicapped places who don't need them.  That has been well established, probably so much so that I am on several watch lists. But today let's talk about peeve number two, people who are habitually late to arrive at things. I am not talking about a couple of minutes late, or the folks who will text to you say traffic is bad, give me an extra 15 or so.  Everybody has things that happen to them and we all adapt and move on. I am talking about the people who arrive an hour late or more to parties, dinners, whatever, and always blow it off with statements like "Oh you know me, always fashionably late".  Or the even more irritating "I just work on time!" This makes me insane, it is like these ass-hats are proud of the fact that they make everybody else wait on them.  And the ultimate sign of disrespect is when they seem a tad offended when

Happy Valentines Day to you all!


A Dogs Last Will

This just about killed me...

Let's take you all into the weekend with true facts about the land snail.

The kinkiest animal in the whole kingdom!