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Bowel Prep

Is there another term in the medical world that sounds more benign than that, but causes more people to break out in sweat?    I am half way though what is called the "gallon" prep for a colonoscopy tomorrow. Ah the joys of getting older... That's right, tomorrow I get to go have a doctor exam my from the ground up, and provide my wife with a certified document stating that in fact, no, my head is not up my ass.

The Post I Was Going To Write Is Much Better Than This

But I decided not to piss some people off and just go ahead and post some humorous things I collected out on the internettubes... By the way, does anybody know how to password protect a post in blogger?  I only found a way to put up a list of logons that are allowed to read a post.  And that sucks because it is too much work... Of course it is designed for a Rez Fez! I sent this to our favorite Vodka Mom. Gaffigan for the win. Lots of changes, non good at work.  I may have to use this as my resume. MCG all my peeps!! About right. For Joe the Cop. Love this. I dont mind hair, I'm just sayin... Exactly! And I am highly medicated! *snort* I keep my morals in a lockbox at home when I go out. Roommate anyone? Yup No credit at all... Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Bad Tat Tuesday, hey! I'm even early this time!

Hey campers, nice to see that there are still hundreds, er, dozens, er, fives of you that keep coming back and lso contributing tats for this little series. I know I have said this before, but I promise to start doing more serious blogging soon.  Lots of stuff going on in my life, just not any time to sit and write it down. On with the crap ink... You might want to never dont get a tat without spell check and grammar check. From Tosh.0, This rivals last episodes dick sucka in klassiness! From my buddy Scotland, this is a repeat from long ago.  But it is worth a second look.  Yummmm... My friend Cindy sent these last two.  Don't you love religious tats? Best for last, this barely looks human let along resembling somebody!  Up next week is a series of tech tats that our very own uber-tech, Scope sent me!