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Bad Tat Tuesday: Yeah, so I've had a lot going on...

It has been a bit hectic between holidays, a trip to Nevada for an air show, and trying to stay caught up with work.  I didn't even realize it was Tuesday until I looked at a conference call reminder!  What the hell?  This week has already been about 5 days long it seems... But I have been remiss in bring you your dosage of bad ink, so away we go! These portraits always turn out so well, don't they? Something to aspire to I guess. Is that the Pillsbury Dough Boy?  And on a Crescent roll?? At first I thought this was nasty, but that is just my twisted brain.  It still is a bit off to me. Nothing says "I am your next middle manager" in a job interview like stick figure neck porn. What can he say?  He's a fan of outlets. I am just a little curious about the need to document the date.  And why with just a slip of paper instead of a newspaper like a ransom demand?

Why are you even reading this?

It's been pretty butt-cold (not an actual meteorological term) outside lately as winter preps us Coloradans for it's icy death hold, so I thought some pretty warm weather boat music was in order... Step brothers style...

Long distance Thanksgiving

We stayed at home this year for Thanksgiving, just the three of us.  It was really pretty nice, no pressure to make a bunch of stuff or have the happy family moments.  But we did do the high tech version of the holiday by setting up the laptop and Skyping with Kathy's sister and hubby who were hosting the big shindig back outside of Seattle. Skyler thought it was pretty cool, getting to watch DVDs and watch the party at the same time.  He is nothing if not a multitasker...

Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of the holiday I stole these slides from the Huffington Post, much like my ancestors stole this country from the natives. Happy Thanksgiving, now go eat way too much.

Road Trip! The final frontier...

I will wrap up the air show bits and stop boring you senseless now (promises, promises I hear you all say) and put up some links to a bit of video from the air show.  I still have a bit of Fernando to post but that will come later. To set the stage for the pathetic video clips you are about to see, I have a JVC handheld that has no viewfinder and one of those pop out screens to look through.  It is fine for the occasional home movie, video of Skyler and the dogs and whatever.  But outside in the bright light tracking high speed jets, it rather lacks shall we say... In order that they were taken, here we go. B-25 rollout and flying A-1 and B-25 startup, flying, rollout Viet Nam era SAR demo F-18 Demo F-18 and Grumman F6F Hellcat F-86, P-40, P51 F-22 and Heritage flight A-10 and rollouts F-22 Raptor Heritage flight F-16 and Helo inflight refuel demo Thunderbird Demo

New TSA Bumper Stickers

In light of the new procedures that has everyone up in arms about flying, TSA has issued a series of bumper stickers to help spin this in a better light!

Road Trip! Part 3: It's a big damn dam.

Updated: Uh yeah, about those pictures all over the place and the spacing issues?  The new blogger editor sucks... I will be posting some video of the airshow in one of the next postings, but am having a bit of trouble trying to clean it up and figure out how to join a bunch of different videos into one decent one.  My camera is a pretty poor one, and you view through a pop out screen on it.  So there is not a viewfinder to look through and zoom up close with.  Needless to say, in bright light with fast moving jets, I lost them and lost focus a lot. But I did get some decent pictures and video of a Sunday morning trip out to Hoover Dam and the new Memorial bridge.  They just completed the bridge, and it is amazing!  All of the traffic on the highway used to have to wind down a curvy road and go across the top of the dam.  Now it bypasses the dam and goes over the bridge. This is at the start of the trail that takes you to the bridge. The start of the bridge. This is the

Road Trip! Part Deux.

After leaving Arches National Park, we headed back west towards Nellis AFB.  We left the beauty of Arches and dropped down into the western Utah/Eastern Nevada area, and the terrain changes to more typical desert with a lot of bluffs.   Russ booked us into the Stratosphere which was pretty darn easy to find even without any driving directions (which I left sitting on my desk at home).  All you do is point the car towards the many lights and look for the tallest lights. Fernando is excited about being there!  We made it into Vegas about 9:00 or so and grabbed a quick bite to eat and a couple of beers to unwind from the drive. Turns out Fernando likes his Guinness and his football at the sports book. A short night of rest and we are up and at it early for the air show!  The event is two days, Saturday and Sunday.  They run it very well, all the parking is at the Las Vegas motor speedway and is free.  Then you go through bag check and metal detectors and board buses tha