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Thanksgiving Trip

Thanksgiving this year was spent up in the Seattle area where my wife is from.  It was a rather short visit this time (5 days) and I posted a few pictures of the visit, including one of the rain when we landed.  Winter months are generally not very nice in the pacific northwest, but it is usually a mixture of clouds and drizzle.  This was full on downpour! One of my Facebook friends commented on the picture of the rain with "So, what's your first impression of the Northwest?"  I kind of chuckled at that after thinking about how many trips I have made up there.  We have been married 28 years now, and have gone to visit at least once, and more often twice a year.  If I guess conservatively at half the years were twice, that amounts to 42 trips to the Seattle area!  I think I might need to start filing state taxes there. My wife's father continues to worry us a lot, he seems to slip a bit more each time we visit.  He met us for lunch and then had to call for help bec

Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Ad

My buddy Tim passed this on to me, love it! Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Ad - watch more funny videos      

Aviation Nation 2011

Sorry for the serious neglect around this little corner of the internettubes.  I have been appearing more over on my facebook account because it's cheap and easy, just like I am! Hey-ooooooooooooooooooooooo!! My Navy buddy Russ and I made our 3rd trip out to Vegas and Nellis AFB to attend Aviation Nation last weekend.  It was excellent as usual, and here is a collection of stills  for you to peruse. I was going to post some videos that I took, but they kind of suck.  I found some that more professional folks than me took, which are a lot better. My buddy Russ standing next to a tool.

End of the week, fantastic friday fun!

Trees are getting trimmed and limbs picked up as I type here.  The latest snow brought down more limbs, so the trees in the backyard got a significant haircut today. Hopefully, this concludes our year of household repairs and calamity. Here are some funnies I have collected for a couple of weeks to get you into the weekend, enjoy all.