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More Bad Tats!

Sorry for my absence in this little corner of the internet (insert standard disclaimer about how busy/lazy/ADD I have been). Lots of folks have been so kind to send me tats and I really appreciate them all.  If you don't see yours appear, it doesn't mean that I don't like it.  It just means that I have used it in past postings. Either that or I lost it in my complex storage system that uses a form of the replicator found in the Star Trek TV series. I am going with the former... Without further ado, here is an entry sent by our good friend Cindy! Momma always did love her pistol. These were sent to me by Bill on Facebook. Psycho Bitch who will never ever have a job... Everybody always wants to lick the Chewy. I found this one earlier today from one of the sites I follow.  It was called "The world's worst tramp stamp".  I think I may have to agree... And last is a link to some tats that good friend and frequent contributor, Scop

Heading into the weekend with a smile!

At least I hope some of these make you smile, enjoy everyone. Me on vacation in about 5 years...


Sometimes it is poor customer service. Sometimes it is a co-worker stabbing you in the back. Other times it is doing a sub standard job on a repair, or another service related task. But what is unprofessional in the world of dance?  That is a tough one to gauge, but I think this just might be it:        

The post you probably shouldn't even read

A couple of weeks ago  I was going to write a post venting away at some shit that has been bothering me, but decided not to.  I didn't want to hurt anybodies feelings that might stray across this corner of the interwebs. I guess that I have had just about enough crap build up in my life that I just don't care any more and decided what the hell, I need to get some crap off my chest.  So fair warning here, the pity party is about to commence. Those of you who have been reading this blog for any length of time know about my son Skyler.  I love him to death but lately he has been getting on my very last nerve.  We have been trying a form of Zoloft for him for a couple of months now in hopes that might help break him out of this funky mood he has been in.  On top of the Cerebral Palsy and Sensory issues, he seems to be hell bent on doing self stimulating activities with his computer and DVDs that get him wound up and over the top excited.  Then comes the crash after

Seriously, everybody just needs to calm the fuck down.