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Don't start your day without Keanu Sausage

It's one of those days

So I get all of my documentation all set to go, PDFs printed, files all zipped up and checked in, looking forward to being done. Then there is always the guy who decides to review things 2 days late, and says you know, it doesn't work quite that way...

I've been tagged!

Johnny Yen has tagged me with 5 questions, and attached a tracking collar to me after hitting me with a tranquilizer dart by the way... So without further ado (or a sane thought process) here we go. 1. If you could be there to change just one event in history, what would it be? Geeez, this is really hard! You have to think through all of the ramifications of your decision. It is like the Star Trek episodes when they go back in time... Do I stop the Atomic bomb from being developed and dropped? Then over 2 million American lives lost is the conservative estimate for an attack on mainland Japan. Do I kill Hitler before he came to power? Some say he was so stupid that is why several of his key blunders in decision making led us to win WWII. Perhaps stop the assasination of JFK. I don't see any downside to that because from all I have read he was going to pull out of Viet Nam soon, and civil rights would have come to fruition earlier. But I think as long as I am dreaming, the on

A bit of a training film

More properly titled "How to deal with idiot men". I thought it was pretty funny, particularly where the man was hunting for food with a spear by the refrigerator... VideoJug : How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend

At last!

A quirky comic to match my quirky sense of humor!!

It's Elementary! Gardening Advice with Marty Chang

Now I know how to properly prune a Banzai tree!

How to live life

As a lot of you probably know, once you purchase something on CafePress, you start getting a lot of email. They often try to figure out what you would be interested in based on past purchases, and I always get an email with their latest funny/quirky shirts. This is one of the latest, and one that I shall certainly be ordering.

Well hell, they itch!

Nothing more needs to be said... Itchy Nuts DUI - Watch more free videos

I wish I has these kind of stones!

Really folks, don't be a puppet

He he he, I love Get Fuzzy!

My one and only parachute experience

In a conversation with Johnny Yen, I remarked that I had made one jump in my life. While I was digging around for pictures of Skylers Halloween costumes, I found a couple of pics of the day's event: This was when I was stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. There was a program where they would take you up to experience a parachute jump over a weekend called Jump Hawaii. At the entrance of the place, there was a piece of canvas stretched tightly over a frame, with a sign that said free jump if you can put your fingers through this canvas. More on this later! On Saturday, you would practice hopping off of a picnic table and rolling, then you hung by the harness in a tree and practiced releasing your main chute and pulling the cord on the reserve. When they thought you had drilled enough, you went home and then came back Sunday to go up in the plane. This was what is called a static line jump, they don't trust you to freefall and pull your own ripcord the first jump. So think

How does a costume work with a chair?

Kristi's great post about her top 5 costumes/movies set me on a search for all of the Halloween stuff we have done with Skyler. It took awhile, but I found most of them. When he was little, it was mostly the same as all of the other little dudes, store bought stuff: Then we started trying to figure out what to do with his wheelchair, and try and incorporate his costume into the chair. First he was Pat Sajak, host of Wheel of Fortune! Then he was a chef: Then there was Jeff Gordan, race car driver: And one of my favs, the rock drummer! And the last, the kid in a hot tub: The one I am missing is an early one from around first grade where we made him into a Front End Loader, with PVC pipe. The film got lost in developing - damn!

Intelligent Life?

The political candidates pandering to the YouTube crowd made me think about this comic...

Trip report

Got back home from the inlaws last night, it is beyond great to be back! First off was the washing machine debacle I mentioned. This thing was really old and I pushed it over the limit with a half full tub. Aren't I a shit? They called a repair guy who came out and shook his head and pronounced it dead. Said the should get a new one, it would cost too much to fix. Grandpa calls a place and the can deliver in 4 days and take the old machine away. Grandma about passes out since she does several loads a day (why I don't know). So I told them go someplace and pick one out you like, have the nice folks load it into the van, come home and I will install it... And I got my revenge by putting the old one outside so it looks like they live in a trailer park in Tennessee until it gets picked up! But Skyler got to spend time with his favorite cousin, Kirsten. She has come out to Colorado and gone to camp with him before as his aide, and she has the type of life everyone wants. She

For those of you who like to wager...

46 hours was the winning bid from touchdown at SeaTac airport until the first family fight. Evidentally, our extra use of the 40 year old washing machine caused it to die. We are such butt heads for washing things...

Inside the Googleplex

By Mercury News Monday, July 16th, 2007 at 6:13 am in Inside Silicon Valley. Mercury News columnist Dean Takahashi takes us on a quick tour inside Google’s famed Mountain View headquarters. What must it be like to work for a company that has money coming out their ass?

I'm off to visit the In Laws

Heading out tomorrow for a week outside of Seattle in Bellevue Washington. All of Kathy's family is in that area so we usually go there once a year. Posting will be sporadic but I will try and keep up with you all. Keep the internets in good shape while I am gone, will ya?

This can't be right

I'm sure I would have had a lot more to say, like: "Hm, you wear reading glasses?" or maybe "Hm, why did you buy fiber?" or perhaps just "Hm, did you say something?"

My favorite writer

I just love to read Rick Reilly. He is the senior writer for Sports Illustrated, and lives here in a southern suburb of Denver called Littleton. The thing that makes Rick my favorite writer isn't that he is a sports writer, but that he writes about people who happen to be associated with sports. Here is a story he wrote about a kid on a cross country team in high school who has CP. I scanned this a long tome ago, I hope it is readable, enjoy.

A different perspective on the war

Our local CBS affiliate, channel 4, has a doctor on the staff that does medical stories like most stations do. I have met this guy and had the privilege of talking with him for a few minutes. The reason I like him, and how he talks about the war, is that his viewpoint is not a political one. His politics seem to run pretty much down the center, like my own. He is on his second tour over in Iraq now, volunteered for both to go and help take care of the troops. Here is a dispatch from him, and check out the video clip on the web page. I was struck by the statement he made that if we decided to leave tomorrow, it would probably take about 8 months to get everyone down into Kuwait. 8 months, holy shit... Anyway, here is the link . Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida served his first tour of duty in Iraq as a combat physician and in May 2007 headed back to care for the seriously injured in a field hospital. Hnida expected his second tour of duty to last about 4 months. The following is on

Parent of the year?

A future generation of kids that will wind up in therapy?

Are you guys all back on-line yet?

Double dog dare right back at ya Michael

Michael has thrown down a double dog dare over at his place . Here's the deal Michael, I will do the lawn chair balloon ride, if you do the worlds longest zip line. Worlds Longest Zip Line - Watch the best video clips here Now all we need to do is get to South Africa...

A day in the life of Skyler Part 2

Skyler is an early bird. He always has been, he doesn't sleep very well. During the night we go into his room and turn him over probably about 4 times because he can't do it himself. So we listen in on a baby monitor and when he grunts and groans, we know he needs to move. Skyler gets up at 6:00 or so. We go into his room and flip him onto his back, check to see if he has wet through his diaper, and if so get him cleaned up. If not, get him into his chair and wheel out to the living room and watch the news. Skyler really likes the news, he thinks he wants to work as a weather forecaster someday. So this is cool, beats the heck out of some other shows he could watch. Never had to watch any purple dinosaurs! We put his tray on his chair and give him his communications device called a Dynavox. This is how he talks to us. He isn't conversational, but with time can get the basics of a sentence put together or tell us what he needs with pre-programmed buttons. His Dy

A day in the life of Skyler Part 1

Frequently, I am asked different things about Skyler from family, friends, even folks in the store who are curious. Lot's of questions about what happened to him, how does he do this or that, or how do you take care of him. So it occurred to me that I might start keeping track of what is involved in a typical week with Skyler. That way I can let people know answers to questions, and keep a bit of information about him and his care. There are so many things I do that I just take for granted because it is how life has always been with him. I don't even think about it or remember it anymore. I believe I should probably start at the beginning, a very good place to start. (Was I just channeling Maria Von Trapp?) Just so you know how we came to have Skyler. So let’s call this part 1... We had tried for quite a long time to have a baby, and then found out that Kathy had what is called "hostile mucus". Her fluids killed sperm. So before my boys could make the trip up

Hey Big Orange!

How is your book coming along? :^)

The Ballad of us Middle-Agers

How many of you out there can relate?

When the puns hit your eye...

Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! When the moon hits your eye Like a big pizza pie That's amore. When an eel bites your hand And that's not what you planned That's a moray. When your horse munches straw And the bales total four That's some more hay. When a Japanese knight Waves his sword in a fight That's Samurai. When your sheep go to graze In a damp marshy place, That's a moor, eh? When you ace your last tests Like you did all the rest That's some more "A"s! When on Mt. Cook you see An aborigine, That's a Maori. When your boat comes home fine And you tied up her line That's a moor, eh? A comedian-ham With the name Amsterdam That's a Morey. When your chocolate graham Is so full and so crammed That's a s'more, eh? When you've had quite enough Of this dumb rhyming stuff That's "No more!", eh?

Today's topic - Things that have trouble written all over them


Great commercial

Men Vs. Women, isn't this always how it turns out? I love the guy who got it in the eye... Men Vs Women - Watch a funny movie here

Good for Walgreens!!

Walgreens program puts the 'able' in disabled At a new, first-of-its-kind distribution center where a third of its workforce is disabled, Walgreens is laying the ground to transform opportunities for the handicapped. NBC's Mika Brzezinski reports from Anderson, S.C. Sorry, no option to embed, so view it here : This is the URL if the link doesn't work:

I never get any help like this...

I forgot to brag

I got a bonus for getting my work in early for the last software release! Yippeeeeee!!


Cleaning out the archives looking for appropriate post fodder for the 4th of July. Enjoy your day today, and stay safe, Skylers Dad The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776 Citizens by birth or choice of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections. The name of American, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations. George Washington, Farewell Address, September 19, 1796 Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 14, 1781 The fabric of American empire ought to rest on the solid basis of THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE. The streams of national power ought to flow from that pure, original fountain of all legitimate authority. Alexander Hamil

How much is YOUR dead body worth?

$4440.00 The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth Mingle 2 - Online Dating

A pox on the buttheads of the world!

This has been festering inside of me for over a week now and I have to get it out. Just prior to my flying out of town last week, my wife was walking our dogs at a park that has a lake for them to swim in. It's a little place off the beaten path that is nice, they can run and it's great for them to cool off. She drives over and parks on the street near the entrance of the park since there isn't a parking lot. Last Monday afternoon, she came back to our van after walking the dogs and noticed that the drivers side front quarter panel looked crunched. Upon further review, we had definitely been hit, probably backed into by something substantial. The fender was crushed in, bumper cracked, interior material of the fender warped downward into the wheel, and most critical was the fact that the front wheel had been hit with such force that it was bent over about 20 degrees. Do you think there was a note, or anybody who was outside mowing and whatever who was willing to talk? Oh

OK, I'll play

Johnny Yen got this from Samuri Frog, and yada yada... Which Historical Lunatic Are You? From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.
My new mission is to help Flannery out while she is guest blogging for Big Orange . So, this can be filed under the topic of God Talk, since it makes more sense than most things I have heard.