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Please Never Forget...


May 30, 1975

He was the greatest long distance runner in American History and by far one of the most popular Track and Field athlete's of all time. His quest after Olympic glory fueled the American running craze in the mid-1970s. At the time of his death at the age of 24, Pre held 14 American Track and Field Records from 2,000 meters to 10, 000 meters. For five years, no American runner could beat Pre at any distance over a mile. Then in May 1975 Steve Prefontaine died in a one car rollover accident. "The Magic Was Gone Forever." Rick Riley When Steve ran a race you knew several things as an athlete and a spectator. The race was going to be fast. It was going to be guts race, even if he was running alone or unopposed. A race with Prefontaine in it was an exciting race for start to finish whatever the distance was. "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." Steve Prefontaine Pre with his Oregon coach, Bill Bowerman. Bill later founded Nike. Pre was inde

Air Force Academy Graduation

The 2010 class of cadets graduated last week down at the Air Force Academy outside of Colorado Springs. I got to see the ceremony many, many years ago, and it is very cool. All the Cadets marching into Falcon stadium and the final order given to the class - Class of , you are dismissed. When the timing is right, the Thunderbirds pass low over the stadium in formation right as the class all cheers and throws their caps in the air. Then the Thunderbirds put on an air show. The backdrop couldn't be any more beautiful, because the Academy is right up against the foothills that start the Rocky Mountains. This video was shot from outside the Academy looking toward the mountains, and the person shooting did a pretty good job putting this together. Here is the hat toss only: Here is a fun fact that many folks don't know. The 3 jets that keep the diamond formation behind the lead aircraft burn an average of 5% more fuel due to the constant throttle adjustments and control surface

Rejection Lines Translated

From my friend Merle, Top 10 rejection lines from the Male and female perspective translated for you. Top 10 Male Rejection Lines (Translated!) 10. I think of you as a sister. Translation: You're ugly. 9. There's a slight difference in our ages. Translation: You're ugly. 8. I'm not attracted to you in 'that' way. Translation: You're ugly. 7. My life is too complicated right now. Translation: You're ugly. 6. I've got a girlfriend. Translation: You're ugly. 5. I don't date women where I work. Translation: You're ugly. 4. It's not you, it's me. Translation: You're ugly. 3. I'm concentrating on my career. Translation: You're ugly. 2. I'm celibate. Translation: You're ugly. 1. Let's be friends. Translation: You're sinfully ugly. Top 10 Female Rejection Lines (Translated!) 10. I think of you as a brother. Translation: You remind me of that inbred banjo-playing geek in 'Deliverance.' 9. There's a

When you speak of me, try and work in the phrase "award winner"

Do you think I'm lying? J.J. over at The World According To J.J has handed out an award to me! Whoot whoot!! Look at that sweet piece of bling, will ya? As you may be able to pick out, it has been passed around a bit... Here are the legal bits that come with it, read them out loud really quick like at the end of a commercial for the full effect: •Express gratitude to the blogger who bestowed the award unto you. •Display the picture on your blog proudly. •Be nice and provide a link to the person who gave it to you. •Tell up to 6 outrageous lies about yourself, and at least 1 outrageous truth, or switch it around and tell 6 outrageous truths and 1 outrageous lie. •Nominate 7 creative writers who might be into doing this. •Post links to the seven blogs you nominate and let the owners of those blogs know. Read more: Phew, nice reading. I couldn't understand a word of it! So here we go, 7 things about me that you get to decid

Skyler's TV Crushes, Part 3

Moving to the national scene and our first of the brunettes, is the lovely anchor from CNN, Robin Meade. Robin hosts The Morning Express and when the local news turns to national in the mornings, Skyler always switches over to see Robin. One of the reasons that Skyler likes Robin so much is her laugh. She laughs a lot, and appears to be having a good time on the air. Another reason to like Robin is that she is a dog lover. She does a lot of stuff for shelters, which is pretty cool. And of course the last reason Skyler likes her, and the reason I like to sit and watch with him, is she is hot as fire.

Bad Tat Tuesday: Some people exist just to be a warning to others.

Lots of wonderful stuff this week, and a lot of it was sent in by readers who want to see more. Who would have thunk it? More bad tats from the masses yearning to be shown! Well then, lets not keep anybody waiting, shall we? First up, from my workout buddy Jack, comes a rather disturbing trend in tats. Adding to the tat under the skin in order to make it seem more 3-D... I know, what the hell, right? Well feast your eyes on this: Yep. You got it. Lets have the tat artist cut us open and sew in some bags of who-knows-what in order for your tat chick to have biguns... Fellow blogger and all around wonderful person, SylphNascency , sent me these along with a whole bunch more that were more body modifications than tats. Thanks for thinking of me dear! I am not sure what I like better, the hair or the eyebrows. There's always time for checkers! Your 4:00 interviewee is here Mr Smith... This guy has mass murderer written all over him, doesn't he? I wish I had a side view of w

As A Service To All The Men Out There

The staff here at Some Days It's Not Worth Chewing Through The Leather Straps has decided to share some of the accumulated knowledge that comes with "aging up", as we like to call it in the running world. Today's lesson for you younger guys is called "How to pee with morning wood". What guy hasn't had to try and figure this out? But with age comes experience, so here are some methods that perhaps you may not have come up with yet: First up the method known as Strong Arming. Just be a man and bend that Johnson! Second, we have the method known as The Lunge. It's better to get down at that bowl level, so you can level off. Here we show The Flying Wallenda. Please note that this is an advanced move that should first be practiced with padding, and not with wood. For the Yoga enthusiast, you can practice the Downward Dog. A variation on the Lunge is called The Plank. Help build your core muscles at the same time as relieving yourself! The most popul

Was This Really 20 Years ago?

Today marks the 20th anniversary of what many TV viewers consider the finest last show of any series, the final episode of Newhart. TV Guide even voted it “the” most memorable final scene of a series on television. Before his success on TV, Newhart started his career 50 years ago as a comedian, winning the top three Grammy Awards in 1960 for his debut comedy record, which made him a national star. But he really became well known to the public with his first series “The Bob Newhart Show” (in which Bob played “Dr. Bob Hartley,” a psychologist). After his second series, "Newhart" had run for a good long run, Bob Newhart decided he was tired of the grind of a TV series. That is when they had to decide how to end the show. From Bob Newhart's Facebook page, the story on how that happened: Newhart discussed it with many people, including his wife Ginnie. She gave birth to the idea of bringing back Bob’s former TV series wife, Suzanne Pleshette, for the series finale. The ide

Performance Review

Otherwise known as Focal, Performance Appraisal, Career development Discussion, and of course, the End of Year review Cycle. Is there any other phase of the large corporate world that sucks the very life from your soul more than this stretch of 3-4 weeks? I hate this with the fire of a thousand white hot suns. I don't enjoy coming up with jargon that makes me sound corporate, nor do I enjoy talking about myself in glowing terms with the express purpose of keeping my job and possibly getting more money. The instructions for completing your performance review are the most laughable thing, and is why I am writing about this to begin with. My company wants us to keep these company goals in mind as we reflect back upon the amazing things we have accomplished this year. Let's review what Chris, the minion worker within Big Corp Inc should "keep in mind", shall we? o Process, technology, culture Big Corp is betting that collaboration is the way that all compani

Required Viewing

I really think this should be standard viewing before the start of any movie. Really. Oh, and do I really need to tell anybody that whatever you see here is not safe for work? Didn't think so... Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters (Introduction: "Milk and Cookies") - watch more funny videos

Bad Tat Tuesday: It's a Foot Fetish!

Life has been handing me lemons lately, and I lost my recipe for lemonade. So this is a bit late today, my bad... There is really some decent art work in this series, so I guess we can't really call them Bad Tats. But the pain factor of working on the foot puts them all in the heebie-jeebie category. Dad is the grim reaper, but I can't tell if mom is a strange flower or a cheeseburger. Bottom of the foot - Ow ow ow!!! Smiling skull, cobwebs, Chiquita bananas??? That is really a great piece of work on the Rose. Bats are cool, but I like the filled in look better than the hollow ones. Go NASCAR... I wonder if he has to pit a lot with this tat? Very creepy. Not a Black Widow because it doesn't have the hourglass, who knows? I wonder if he went to a podiatrist so he knew exactly where all the bones went? Pretty odd, but still kind of cool at the same time. Gotta love the nautical theme.

You know what the trouble with American movies is these days?

Not enough Kung Fu Tractor Fights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

High Five Etiquette

As you head off into the weekend of partying, sporting events, and competitive eating, take a few moments to brush up on your high five techniques. We not only entertain here at Sky-Dad enterprises, we edumacate also.

Hands Free Etiquette

Always announce who is near you when using the speakerphone.

Fire That Agency

It's been awhile since we have seen anything out of the wonderful world of advertising, so why don't we stroll on over to Fire That Agency and check out An Homage to Idiots! Perhaps a few of you will see yourselves in the video, but we won't ever tell! Go now! Hurry with the clickity clicking already!

Bad Tat Tuesday

I don't have enough of any particular variety of tat to go with a theme, so here you are from ever compass direction: For when those smooth pickup lines fail, go with direct advertising. For when she is feeling "snippy"... (groan) Deer Hunter dedication. A Bruce Willis fan, isn't that wonderful? Say what? I really kind of like this one, it doesn't belong in a bad tat category. The only problem is you have to stand like that all the time. Mommy didn't love him enough. Debra Lee sent this one to me, and I always thought if I got a tat this would be it! Bubs has sent this one to me and it has additional info: These tats belong to a fellow named Angel who is in IDOC for Aggravated DUI/Reckless Homicide. He'll be out in 2014. I dealt with him during a murder investigation a couple of years ago. He has drama masks on his chest: the one on his right pec (left side as you look at it) says "bitch laugh now" and the other one says " Hoe cry later&qu