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While I try to come up with something better to say...

Please enjoy this wonderful, totally real, advertisement for FERD trucks. Seriously, they had me at chest hair upholstery, because I am so manly like that.

Get a grip people!

Watch this through to the end.  It is more than the usual sex sells piece.

Can You Guess What Time It Is?

Bad Tat Tuesday; The Celebrity Edition

I received an email from Leslie, a frequent commenter, asking me if I had ever done a celebrity edition of Bad tat Tuesday. She was even kind enough to send me a link with some creepy celeb ink. Thanks Leslie, this one is for you!  First out of the gate is Iron Mike.  Mr. Tyson decided he wasn't scary or deranged looking enough as is and went tribal on his face.   Rihanna has one of the more famous tats on her neck, the trail of stars. According to the web link, that says " Never A Failure, Always A Lesson". Alyssa Milano can put whatever the hell she wants on her body as far as I am concerned.  This is supposed to celebrate her Roman Catholic upbringing. Because it's all about her, Christina Aguilera tattooed her alter ego name on the back of her neck. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has his family history inked on his shoulder in the art of Oceania. I hope the guy who did the work screwed him and put something on there that says he is the female

Happy Valentines Day!

From all of us who have been at this awhile...

Do You Remember One Year Ago?

If you are a self-professed Olympics geek like me, you had your butt planted firmly on the couch to watch the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I recall all of the chatter about "How could Vancouver ever match the opening spectacle that was the summer games from Beijing China"? Well, they did it the smart way. You don't try and match China for sheer size and nearly unlimited resources thrown towards it. You do it by showcasing some of the most jaw-dropping scenery in the world, and a lone figure. One of the best snowboarders in the world, Johnny Lyall making a run down a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies Intro Video from Barbershop Films on Vimeo . Then you follow up with KD Langs amazing version of Halleluja. Yeah. That's how you do it.

The Mountain Goat. Natures Ninjas

Here in Colorado we have a couple of different types of rock Ninjas, The Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep (our state animal) and the Mountain Goat.  The Big Horn Sheep has been declining in numbers over the years due an infestation of lung diseases, and because of the proliferation of the Mountain Goat which is a larger and tougher animal.  Both animals share a characteristic, and that is their hooves have a sharp outer rim and a soft inner pad, which provide traction on slippery surfaces.  This makes them amazingly agile on rocks and surfaces that most animals and certainly man can't negotiate. I found a series of pictures and a video that I think you will find pretty wild. Pretty amazing, huh?  Well check out this video from the Himalayas, showing the Ninja skills of the local goat they have there! Introducing The Himalayan Ninja Goat - Watch more Funny Videos

The Honey Badger

Major props to Vikki for finding this wonderful nature video! Honey badger don't give a shit, it just takes what it wants!

Bad Tat Tuesday

Well here we area again troopers, donning our scout packs, hats, and getting our trusty compass out to help navigate our way through the bad ink forest. Please don't feed the wild animals, and away we go... Can anybody out there tell me what the hell this hot mess stands for? Now if the tats had microswitches grafted in underneath the skin, that would be something! Frequent contributor Lilly sends in this trifecta of WTF... Johnny Cash has been seen here before, but this deserves another showing. House-Eye-Gear... It's like the game of clue, Colonel Mustard was killed in the house by ramming a sprocket into his eye!   Lot's of layers to peel back in this future son-in-law! And from my buddy Dave, a pair of waskly wabbits. Is that how you spell waskly? Leslie sent me an idea for next week, be sure to tune in for bad tats of the stars!  I am hoping to make this into a reality series...

Animals are awesome

A little frivolity for your weekend.  That is all. This has been brought to you by Sky-Dad Inc, owner and operator of the blog Some Days It's Not Worth Chewing Through The Leather Straps. I said Straps, not Restraints!

It's Quick Joke Time

It has been awfully busy around casa del Skydad lately, so I only have time to put up a dirty joke. Yep, a dirty one, that should get your attention... A guy is walking the strip in Las Vegas and a fantastic-looking  Vegas hooker catches his eye. He strikes up a conversation and eventually asks the hooker, "How much do you charge?" The Hooker replies, "It starts at $500 for a hand-job." The guy says, "$500 dollars! For a hand-job! Holy crap! No hand-job is worth that kind of money!" The hooker says, "Do you see that Denny's on the corner?" "Yes." "Do you see the Denny's about a block further down?" "Yes." "And beyond that, do you see that third Denny's?" "Yes." "Well," says the hooker, smiling invitingly, "I own those. And I own them because I give a hand-job that's worth $500." So the guy says, "What the hell? You only live onc

Bad Tat Tuesday; Even more guests!

Thank you all for the additions to this continuing saga of what not to do to your body!  This week, the idea comes from Mr. Mjenks , who is one of the funniest and most educational people out in Bloggeritaville.  You really must check out his posts on learning latin.  I know that I have picked up a few new words, mostly stuff that I can't use in public around latin speakers, but I be learnin anyways! Mjenks had the need to do a search for Al Bundy, which is one of the reasons I like him, and alerted me to the vast quantities of Al Bundy related tats out there.  So away I went a googling and lo and behold, the man doth not lie.  The best of the bunch.  I am breaking you in easy here.  I didn't know that Al was predominantly a purple hue, interesting...  Al was never this happy, I don't even see the resemblance.  Who wants Al and whoever the other person is right on their butt cheeks?  Who wants to wait long enough with the ass in the air to get these?  This isn&#