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Thank you Fred Gilgoff!

The Tug Toner

Can't. Stop. Laughing!

Married To The Sea

One of my favorite sites on these here tubes of the internet machine is called married to the sea.  You can find them at /, go check them out and be prepared to waste the rest of your day laughing like an idiot like I do. Of course you have to have a somewhat tweaked sense of humor to achieve proper idiot style laughing like I do, but even those of you without the benefit of a funny bone will enjoy some of them. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Almost Too Late For Bad Tat Tuesday Edition!

Several wonderful folks have sent me some more lovely pieces of work, you are all to be commended on your efforts!! Cora was standing in line behind a fine young man who wanted to make sure he always knew how to  make the letter "A"... And The Vegetable Assassin sent me a link to this great work of art: Wow... If words aren't enough to profess your love always include stars and butterfly's. And speaking of the wonderful veggie, she came through with another tat that will certainly make this guy a big hit when he eventually winds up in prison: Yes indeed, klassy as they say. This one comes from one of my buddies that I work out with, but I have seen it before out and about: I think that Kelly is pretty damn thoughtful, don't you? And last but not least, from the wonderful world of Facebook, comes our mission statement here at Bad Tat Tuesday: See you all next time around!

Friday Fun

A random collection of stuff I found on the seamy underside of the internettubes. Enjoy, and have a great weekend everyone!

Seven Sent

I was recently tagged in a meme by The Jules from the always entertaining blog, The Gravel Farm .  If you haven't read The Jules, please go over and peruse some of his wonderful tidbits from across the pond.  You won't be disappointed! He received it from the blog of  Mr London Street and like the good paramedic that he is, passed on the contagion to me without gloves, disinfectant, or a care in the world!  I was surprised when he added to my tag the words "SkylersDad – Because I’ve always admired intelligence when it’s mixed with humility." Obviously a cut and paste error on his part... It proved to be a very difficult meme to write, because it required two things that I don't have; time to research or patience!  You are simply to answer 7 questions about your posts,  listing the different posts that meet the category.  Now I have been at this a bit of a while, and have amassed 1347 posts.  So this required me looking back a bit, because trying to rely on