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Nothing beats a great locally produced ad

Come on over to Fire That Agency and check out the latest in what were they thinking! Oh go on now, you know you want to...

The "Sorry I'm Late" Bad Tat Tuesday...

What? You mean it's aready into Tuesday and here I am forgetting about my tats? I should be ashamed of myself... I hope this outstanding collection of ink will help make up for it. Way to take it old school dude. Oooo, fancy tats for a special day!  Nothing says wedding like "Let's play rough". A special addition from everyone's favorite 20-something blogger LiLu ! While not technically a back tat, back tits are probably just as horrific. Calf laces?  Seriously, WTF? The garden of Darth. I love bacon too, who doesn't?  And who doesn't ever clean their feet? Thug skater Thug skater 2 His tat will eat your children. If I ever go off the deep end, this is the tat I will get. Wow, how do you ever explain this one to anybody? There seems to be a skater theme going, this one is more subtle though. Can't wait for what?  To fall off your rickety ass board?  Seriously, that is the poorest drawing I have

Random Thoughts From The Weekend

I have some really good friends.  Thanks Kristi, Dave, and Michael for the great times and fantastic dinner Wednesday night. I went to the crappy, almost closed mall a while back, and the hoods held the door open for me and Skyler, and said "Yo Dude" to Skyler.  I went the the fancy-pants mall today, and backed through the door to hold it open and pull Skyler through while a rich bitch waited impatiently and cut between me and Skyler. Score 1 for the crappy mall. Skyler at the fancy mall It is pretty damn sad when the best football team in your state is the service academy, Air Force. Never underestimate the effectiveness of muscle relaxers.  My back was toast and now it is half-way normal. Dog is my co-pilot Kathy did the Boulder Sunset Triathlon today.  I wore a shirt... My sister and brother-in-law's two dogs, Jake the Gold lab/Bloodhound mix, and Tyr, the timber wolf. So, is this too random? Not random enough? Make you long for bad

The Pikes Peak Hillclimb

From the Website Porshe Panorama, this is an amazing video.  The Pikes Peak hillclimb has been run since 1901 when two guys decided to race their old jalopies up the mountain.  Back in those days, it required multiple stops to make carb adjustments just to get to the top due to the change in air pressure!  Check out this video of the record run this year by a two wheel drive vehicle. Jeff drives on the hairy edge of disaster, power sliding through the dirt turns, loosing wheel grip on several occasions, and making a general butt puckering run up the mountain.  I know it's 12 minutes, which is long, but stay with it through some of the transitions between pavement and dirt to see his driving style change. From the website: Jeff Zwart and his 911 GT3 Cup Car rocketed to victory in the Time Attack 2WD class at Pike's Peak on June 23, 2010, shattering the record by 38 seconds. Jeff finished sixth overall, ahead of every production-based car entered. Here's an in-the-cock

Bad Tat Tuesday: Guest Edition!

Seems like I have let this little corner of the internettubes go un-attended for awhile, so it is time to get the eyeball bleach out and take another gander at some really bad body art. Keep the lap belt on and the bar pulled down over your waist, because the ride is about to start! First out of the chute are two tats from Lynette who keeps the blog Crazed Mind . Thanks very much Lynette, I think... Lynette tells me this is enigma and katsun (they have been declared the world's strangest couple). I have no disagreement. Next up is a couple of great ones from Lily at Liliums Realm . Lily actually sent me 5 great tats but due to the length of time this little parade of posts has been in play, the other 3 were repeats. Beyond awesome, isn't it? Bad art, bad spelling, bad canvas. The trifecta of bad tats! I can't decide which is worse, the bad hulk image or the body from hell it is on! Raine from over at True confessions of a single mother sent this one my way: For those w

This might be my favorite commercial! The thing that sucks is that there isn't an embed option, so you have to click the link.

Your Friday Inspiration

This is an absolutely amazing video!

It's SCIENCE Bitches!!

While clickity-clicking around I stumbled across this series called fake science. This is full of awesome, everyone should have these printed out into poster size and use them in your kids next science fair! Bet they'll get an "A"!