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It's Another Edition of Bat-Tat Tuesday!

To help honor the passing of the great Ed McMahon, let's all give it our best Heeeeyyyoooooo, and a big "Here's Bat-Tat's!" Today's collection is all about the family. What could be bad about that you ask? How about when the art works sucks so bad your little bundle of joy winds up looking more like the spawn of Satan? Witness the following "art" collections, and if you are feeling like you might hurl, please pull over and roll down the damn window. It still smells like upchuck in here after the last collection. I am trying to figure out if the nipple plays a part in this piece, not quite sure... How precious, twin Linda Blair's. I wonder if they can coordinate their head spins? I can only assume photographic evidence was needed when he sued the tat artist. At least Courtney got top billing before Country and Star Wars, but here face didn't make the final cut. Come on, it was that or loose the Tie Fighter, what are you gonna do? The old &

Back when men were men, and drugs were legal!

Good day readers, I stumbled across a treasure of wonderful old advertisements for drugs from the olden days that I had to share with you. Actually, most are from the old days, but some were advertised as late as the 60's and 70's! Check this stuff out, it is amazing that most was just sold over the counter. Our grandparents never complained of pain and problems, they had the good drugs! Hell, I am impressed my grandparents could remember their names... In the US, cocaine was sold over the counter until 1914 and was commonly found in products like toothache drops, dandruff remedies and medicinal tonics Coca wine combined wine with cocaine, producing a compound now known as cocaethylene, which, when ingested, is nearly as powerful a stimulant as cocaine. The marketing efforts for coca wine focused primarily on its medicinal properties, in part because it didn't taste very good and in part because the cocaethylene effects were perceived to "fortify and refresh bod

Gabe Perez is Fucking Awesome!!

When you plan something out for over 4 years of school, you are officially awesome!

The Children' Guide to Growing Up!

Let's join young Billy as he learns about his body! Definitely not safe for work. There are so many good lines in here you won't be able to keep track. Prepare to snort:

This is an amazing ad

If you haven't figured it out yet, I tend to surf just a bit. I also have a lot of friends out there that send me links, pictures, stories and tons of goodies that I love. And when I get these links, I tend to backtrack a bit just to see what the site is all about. I stumbled across one link a couple of days ago that simply stated it was "One of the best local ads". I couldn't see the URL it advertised so I went hunting and found it on youtube. Here are the comments on the page: "Funeral" is a new TV commerical launched by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) which looks at relationships in a different light, through a woman at her husband's funeral. Ultimately, the TVC celebrates the beautiful imperfections that make a relationship perfect. This is fresh off MCYS latest Viewers' Choice 2008 win for last year's Family TVC which promotes the importance and value of family bonding. I have to tell you, I shed more t

Everything's Better with Bacon!

Not enough tats came in from my usual sources (you know who you are, you slackers) so Bat Tat Tuesday has been replaced this week by Everything is Better with Bacon. Because honestly, in these tough times can't we all use a bit more bacon? I thought so! Haven't seen this wonderful menu item at my local Mickey-D's. I would never stop licking my lips! Complete with a bottle of Wild Turkey. This is my version of the breakfast of champions! Mmmm, meat candy. Someday I want to be known by this name. I would even eat it raw... If you like it with chocolate, order a bacon bar. Have a cut? Cover it with bacon. Someday when I am rich and powerful, I will go to my high priced job with one of these sweet bacon briefcases. And I will buy you all a round when I whip out my bacon wallet. After dining we can pick our tooths (yeah that was on purpose, see what I did there?) with bacon tooth picks. Finally, we can freshen up our breath with these wonderful mints. But how do I get all thi

Little Red Riding Hood as Explained by Engineers

Sit back and get your geek on people! First thing you want to do is turn down the horrid music, it adds nothing to the story. Next click on full screen so you can see all of the way cool geekness. Full screen looks like this to those not in the know... SlagsmÄlsklubben - Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo .

We have the only Lab in the world who can't swim

Our new girl, Montana, just might be the only Chocolate Lab around who never got the hang of swimming. I mean come on, I have see lots of dogs afraid of the water or ones who never got the hang of swimming. But a Lab? Isn't that buried deep down in the DNA along with barking at a squirrel? Several attempts have been made at trying to get her to be a bit more friendly with the water, and she really likes running in it and splashing around. As a matter of fact, now that it is getting warmer, you can hardly keep her out of it. But... only as long as she can touch the bottom. Once she starts the physical act of swimming, she resembles a drowning Zebra with a Lion attached to her neck. There is much thrashing of the front legs, splashing aimlessly and yelping. And that's just me trying to hold on to her... Bada Bump, crash! Thank you, I'll be here all week, be sure to tip your waitress. But we have a plan, one that I am sure is rock solid. Much like the great Olympic sw

Kathy found the perfect Fathers Day card

She hunted for quite awhile for this winner:

The Meaning of Words

From my Gym friend Chuck, this was a nice email to start the day with! Best Friends Compassion Departure Divine Friendship Innocence Love Music Pain Rescued Respect Solitude Sorrow Strangers Togetherness Unconditional Love