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Go downhill fast with Lindsey!

I shared this on facebook but wanted to also share it where it would stay around a little longer.  This is a great video, Lindsey wearing a GoPro on a training run in St Moritz giving you a skiers point of view. Look how hard she has to edge at about the 3:25 mark back and forth! I used to be on a downhill team in high school, I always wanted to carry a video camera on a run with me.  Of course they were the size of a microwave back then... Untitled from lindsey vonn on Vimeo .

More Friday Funnies

Since the well is dry for anything that may happen in my life that is even remotely worth writing about, here are some funny things found while taking an in-depth survey of the visceral underbelly of the internet tubes.

These Images Cannot be Explained

A couple of weeks ago my friend Cindy sent me a link to weird black and white photos from long ago.  These are my favorite out of a whole bunch of weirdness. What is your favorite?  I like the girl on the bed with the bear resting its paw on her shoulder.