I believe this is the rocket sled to hell

Dad Accused of Using Stun Gun on Baby
By Associated Press
Mon Feb 5, 8:17

ALBANY, Ore. - An Albany father used a 100,000-volt stun gun on his 18-month-old son, police said Monday. Rian Whittman, 23, has been accused of assault and criminal mistreatment. Police said he used it "multiple times" over three weeks. A police spokesman said there were up to 10 instances.

Police said Whittman's wife, 21, who was not named, reported the abuse on Saturday.
The child was treated at a hospital, police said, and then taken into protective custody by the state Department of Human Services.

Capt. Eric Carter said the police haven't established a motive for the abuse, nor why it began about three weeks ago.

He said the device was not a Taser weapon, named for the manufacturer, but an older model that's applied directly to someone's skin.


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    OMG. Sick.

    But have we stumbled on a new market for Taser here? Am I the only one that has been sleep deprived for a completely unidentifiable reason? Could they do some slight product modifications and clever marketing and tap into a whole new customer base????

    O.K., now I'm on the slide....byeeeee....


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